14 TikTok Recipes That Are Actually Worth Trying

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By Lottie Woodrow | 19th September 2021

TikTok is a minefield. Thousands of videos are recorded and uploaded every single day with a fraction of them going TikTok viral, from Curtis Roach’s ‘Bored in the House’ which became our quarantine anthem back in lockdown 1.0 to Lubalin’s hilarious Facebook Marketplace satire hit. But being largely a food and drinks online magazine, we wanted to steer your attention to the labyrinth that is food TikTok. 

The online social platform has been gaining traction since launching globally in 2018, but in 2020 TikTok really came into its own, largely thanks to quarantine and spending so much time at home and on our phones. And it’s also when food TikTok really gained popularity too. Even Gordon Ramsay joined in with the fun, with his hilarious Gordon Reacts videos in which he reacts to many of the popular trends and bizarre foodie endeavours the people of TikTok have tried out. See here for the hilarious viral cooking in your hotel room video.  

TikTok recipe videos also became hugely popular with many chefs, foodie enthusiasts and regular folk offering their advice and favourite recipes that you can recreate at home. Because we too are obsessed with the app and creating TikTok recipes, we’ve rounded up our favourite fourteen that are actually worth whipping up at home.



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Dan Dan Noodles 

In search of an easy five minute dinner? Say hello to Dan Dan Noodles, an incredibly quick, easy and spicy noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. 

It was George Lee of @chez_jorge who brought our attention to the noodle dish and it’s since become a midweek regular purely down to its quickness and ease. It’s rich from the peanut butter, spicy thanks to the red pepper flakes and tangy thanks to the black vinegar. You can substitute the black vinegar for balsamic but if you can get your hands on some from your local Asian supermarket, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. 

Our one tip would be to cut down on the spice because this amount of red pepper flakes will blow your socks off, unless that’s the thing you’re looking for.

Wrap 4 Ways

We literally can’t believe how simple this TikTok trend is and yet how the majority of us hadn’t ever caught onto its deliciousness. Put simply it’s just a wrap but elevated. 

All you need to do is split your wrap into four components. These are usually made up of a sauce, cheese, protein and veggie. Slice one quarter of the way through the wrap, layer in your components and fold each corner onto one another and then grill. You can use a simple George Foreman grill here or use the old school method in the frying pan, grilling one side before turning it over. You won’t want to eat a wrap any other way.


Szechuan Potatoes For @thekoreanvegan

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Szechuan Potatoes

Ever tried Szechuan Potatoes? Nope, neither had we until we discovered chef Jonathan Kung’s recipe dedicated to The Korean Vegan (see below). 

Originating from China, Jon explains that this dish isn’t one that you’d typically see being served in Western countries, or outside of China at all, but if he does, it’s a dish we make an effort to order for the table. Both spicy and sour, it’s a simple dish that’ll be sure to elevate your weekend dinners or when you fancy venturing out from your usual homemade Chinese favourites. Pair with rice, just like chef Jon.

Budae Chigae

As previously mentioned, Joanne L. Molinaro aka The Korean Vegan loves potatoes. But we’ve swayed away from her typical potato led dishes and to her delicious Budae Chigae, a spicy sausage style Korean stew, veganised. 

Rather than simply discussing the recipe outright, every TikTok of hers tells a personal story. This one talks about the importance of voting and her father’s wise words explaining the Korean political history. Overlaid are titles displaying what ingredients and techniques she uses so you can create your own at home.


Everything Bagel & Garlic Bread Cheese Bombs 🤎 #TortillaTrend #GreenScreenScan #fyp

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Everything Bagel & Garlic Bread Cheese Bombs

Love bread? So does Mariam of @mxriyum. 

This weekend why not venture out from your usual sourdough and try your hands at these delicious Everything Bagel and Garlic Bread Cheese Bombs. They’re super easy and don’t need to be left to rise or prove for hours on end. Stuff your balls with your favourite mozzarella and don’t forget the all important garlic butter brushing at the end. It seriously elevates these into delicious cheesy garlic bread alternatives. Far better than your typical Pizza Express dough ball anyway.

Honey Glazed Halloumi 

Want to level up your halloumi experience? Cooking with Ayeh has crafted the ultimate honey glazed halloumi recipe that you won’t want to miss. 

Forget the Christmas music playing in the background of this and get your glaze ready. All that’s required is honey, fresh thyme and a big ol’ squeeze of lemon juice. It’s all in the marination process so Ayeh recommends marinating it for as long as you can, up to 24 hours if you can wait that long. Once you’re cooking it, don’t forget to keep glazing the halloumi to make it really sticky and sweet.


Reply to @lunica.rampling Honey Glazed Halloumi! What should I make next?? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foodtiktok #christmas #cheese

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Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo

You don’t need to be a genius to know how big Olive Garden is in America. If you’ve been lucky enough to fly the nest and been to one for yourself, you’ll understand why Americans are so obsessed with the dishes. They’re simple but hearty, comforting and champion real home cooked goodness. 

Recreate the legendary Fettuccine Alfredo for yourself with a little help from Laura Bower aka Cook Like A Mother. It’s quick, simple, creamy and takes less than fifteen minutes to prep and cook. Plus it can all be made with your cupboard essentials too. Perfect.

Homemade Peanut Butter

Anything’s possible with TikTok. Ever thought about making your own peanut butter? Probably not, but now My Nguyen aka My Healthy Dish’s TikTok will leave you itching to make your own.

It’s also incredibly simple too! All you need is to roast some peanuts for around eight minutes (or raw ones for 10-15 minutes) and add to your food processor with a pinch of salt. During this, you’ll need to scrap the sides so that the nuts can all be churned and give your blender a quick break too. Eventually it’ll turn into a paste. My adds in a splash of honey for an added sweetness.


The final day of 25 potatoes: THE 15 HOUR POTATO 🤯🥔 #potato #potatoes #confit #spuds #carbs @tiktok_uk #learnontiktok

♬ The 15 Hour Potato Recipe – Poppy O’Toole

15 Hour Potato 

Have fifteen hours to spare? Of course you do, we’re in lockdown! 

Spend your weekend making Poppy Cooks’ fifteen hour potato recipe. It’s the finale in her 25 days of potato recipes and is a serious contender for beating The Grill at The Dorchester’s infamous chips. Get finicky and pull your measuring tape out to really make sure each potato layer is worth biting. We’re yet to try these ones out but boy, are we excited to give it a try.

Fluffiest Pancakes 

You might recognise Joshua Weissman from his popular YouTube channel but he’s a hugely popular TikTok sensation too. In this short and snappy video, you’ll find him crafting the best and definitely fluffiest pancakes in the universe of pancakes. 

Steaming isn’t something that might come naturally to pancake making but Joshua is definitely certain these are the fluffiest pancakes around. Follow his precise instructions and you too will have pancakes you can’t falter. Don’t forget lashings of real maple syrup too. 

He’s definitely hoping to give IHOP a run for their money with these pancake towers.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 

If you’re feeling a little worse for wear this morning, let Thee Moody Foody guide you on your way to making the best chicken sandwich of your life. 

Thee Moody Foody is attempting to make his own spin on American fried chicken fast food chain, Popeyes’ famous chicken sandwich. It’s a big stack of chicken, layered with special sauces, pickles and bread. It’s the spice blends and batter that really make this recipe a whole deal better than your usual fried chicken sandwich. Try it out at home to reap all the benefits.

MasterChef Steak

Ever wondered if the MasterChef Junior’s food is actually any good? Now’s your chance to create the most succulent MasterChef Junior’s steak from scratch at home. 

Former contestant Ariana Feygin is using her cooking expertise to guide the younger generation of TikTokers to create delicious dishes at home, one being her famous steak. Bast your steak in butter, fresh herbs and crushed flavours of garlic. She explains it creates an ‘oven’ around the steak which helps to infuse it with the flavours and cooks it to perfection. All that’s left for it to do, is to get Gordo Ramsay’s seal of approval once more.


Recreating the steak that got me on Masterchef 😳 @gordonramsayofficial how did I do?? #chef #steak #cooking #recipe #masterchef #food #tiktokfood #fy

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I finally made ratatouille 🐀 my life is now complete 🥺 (also thank you guys for 40k followers!) #TikTokFood #cooking #ratatouille #fyp

♬ ratatouille – Jalen


If you know anything about TikTok you’ll know that there are hundreds of people trying to get Disney to make the film Ratatouille into a musical. There’s video after video of different individuals planning the musical song hits, the choreography and props. It’s even said that there are talks about making it a real Broadway show. Only time will tell.

For now you can fuel your Ratatouille desires with Jalen’s take on the famous ratatouille dish from the film. You know the one that wins over the mean, old critic despite being made by a rat. And honestly, it looks absolutely divine and you’re going to want to make a huge portion of it yourself.

Outdoor Cooking

Missing the great outdoors while you’re stuck in your squatty one bed apartment? Us too. But at least Men With A Pot’s TikTok account is fuelling us with delicious recipes you can create outside next time you go camping. 

We love the look of this chicken breast stuffed with veggies and cheese. Slathered with homemade pesto, it’s one you’re going to be dreaming of until you can get camping in the summer or out in your garden when it’s stopped raining. 

There’s no music or words. It’s simple, delicious and channels the great outdoors.

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