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The Handbook

Although in many ways we cannot wait for 2020 to be done with, we’re trying to take a ‘glass half full’ approach to this dire situation and pick out the nuggets of joy that made us pause, rethink and reset throughout lockdown. 


From the benefits of working from home to embracing loungewear, reacquainting ourselves with our kitchens and the unexpected CBD heroes that helped us stay calm, here are the five trends we’re keen to continue once things return to normal.

1. CBD

We had fully embraced the CBD trend pre-lockdown but its bounty of benefits really came into their own during the strange times. March and April might seem like a lifetime ago, but we haven’t forgotten the uneasy atmosphere that hung in the air when Boris told us the country was to shut down.

The uncertainty of it all brought with it a host of wellbeing issues.

From sleepless nights to anxiety over not seeing family, lockdown put a huge amount of pressure on the nation’s happiness and anything that could help counteract that, we welcomed.

From sleepless nights to anxiety, CBII's products were a welcomed addition to our wellbeing routines over lockdown.

Our CBD brand of choice, CBII has slipped seamlessly into our healthcare routine thanks to their fuss-free approach to supplements. Their easy-to-take capsules come blended with other everyday vitamins and minerals, that help keep your body and mind where it should be, from their Immune Capsules blended with vitamin C and D to their Nourish Capsules with added zinc (great for aiding the digestion and good hair, skin and nails). The Balance Capsules with additional B3 are also a firm favourite – great for reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

For an unadulterated dose of CBD, the brand also offers oils. Intended to be taken two to three times a day, they are our go-to for adding a premium quality CBD to our healthcare regime. Seeing the benefits these wonder products have given us during lockdown – and it’s not a sudden change, more of a slow, steady feeling of altogether better wellbeing – there’s no doubt we will continue to include CBD into our everyday routine. 

Shop some of our favourites from the brand below…

P.S. Don’t miss their self-care sale for 25% off until midnight Sunday 23rd August 2020.

2. At-Home Fitness

For dedicated gym bunnies adapting to working out at home or the park was an unlikely joy to come out of lockdown. Plus, one that saved us a shed load of cash.

From Pilates classes via Zoom to HiiT in the park and a cornucopia of fitness apps keeping us on the wagon (and balancing out our lockdown banana bread intake), the last few months have changed the way we workout.

Here are some of the apps we downloaded and continue to use…


Created by bona fide Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky and the hand-picked team of experts they use to stay in shape, Centr app  is open to all levels of fitness and has a 360 approach to helping you stay on track. The app includes A-list workouts, healthy meal ideas and meditation.

Nike Training Club App

You can trust the world’s biggest sports brand to deliver an app to kick you into shape. The Nike Training Club App offers a wealth of workouts as well as tips on nutrition, mindset and even sleep.

Pocket Yoga

A handy addition to lockdown life, Pocket Yoga is now equally as helpful if you can’t make a class or are travelling. The cute illustrations and voice instructions show you how to nail over 200 yoga poses and it’s all available at the touch of a button and in your pocket for just £2.99, no contract.

3. Working From Home

The working from home culture that the coronavirus crisis brought was undoubtedly easier for some than others. Namely those who have children to look after, but on the whole, WFH has changed our attitude to office culture. 

The break from commuting and sitting at a desk for the majority of your week does seem a little ludacris now, given that many companies (and we’re fully aware there are many jobs that simply can’t be done from your living room) have reported increased staff morale and productivity levels. 

Unless you subscribe to the idea that working from home is basically the same as living at work, we’re keen to embrace more flexible working hours for all, better mental health and less time spent on the Central Line.

4. Loungewear 

And with WFH comes loungewear. We’re not saying we’ll be living in our PJs for the foreseeable, but we’ve definitely made the move towards better quality, longer-lasting comfies that can just about pass off as professional on a Zoom call. 

From Anine Bing’s roomy hoodies that look equally good with denim to pastel-hued separates from Les Girls Les Boys and boxy picks from & Other Stories, here are some of our favourite hoodies we’re ditching a shirt for and feeling zero guilt on not ironing.

5. Cooking Kits

We all got reacquainted with the cooker during lockdown – some would say a little too acquainted after three months of cooking three meals a day – but it didn’t half make us appreciate a good home cooked meal. 

Thankfully help was at hand from some of the capital’s best-loved restaurants and their at-home, fool-proof cooking kits. Inspiring us to get back in the kitchen and giving us the confidence to try out new dishes whilst being somewhat handheld by impeccable instruction sheets and weighed out ingredients. We’ll look back on some of our favourite lockdown meals with fond memories. 

Such a roaring success where many of these kits that even now restaurants have reopened, you can still order some and cook up restaurant quality dishes without leaving the house. 

Here are some of our favourites…

Dishoom’s Bacon Naan Roll Kits

Honestly the best brunch you’ll ever make at home in under 20 minutes.

BAO’s Made-By-You Kits

Light and fluffy bao bun kits for an alternative, relaxed approach to a dinner party menu.


Slippery bowls of fresh pasta and the best burrata in London in under 15minutes.


Content created in partnership with CBII