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The Handbook

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another of our weekly Spotify playlist selections, and this week we’re turning our attention to celebrity curated Spotify playlists, selecting killer seven playlists to get you through the week.

From Obama’s legendary 2020 playlist to Bryce Dessner’s minimal moods mixtape perfect for block study sessions, here’s what to listen to this week.

Barack Obama – Barack Obama’s 2020 Summer Playlist

The release of Barack Obama’s summer mixtape has become a bit of a global phenomenon since first releasing his favourite tunes back in 2015. Now five years later, fans, supporters and lovers of the former US president eagerly await every year, and when his 2020 playlist dropped back in August, it did not disappoint. 

Rest well to knowing Obama gets his groove on to Billie Eilish, Maggie Rogers, Rhianna and Drake.

Charli XCX – the motherf**king future: the nocturne edit 

One for pushing the boundaries on style, music and what it means to be a female in the music industry, Charli XCX never holds back. Earlier this year she rewrote the rules of music, writing, recording and producing an album, how i’m feeling now, during lockdown and entirely at home. Once you’ve finished listening to the album in full, dive into her playlist. It’s a short twenty-song playlist but boasts artists of the same techno-pop ilk as Charli.

Phoebe Bridgers – catch me inside

American singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers, defined by her dream-life storytelling and emotive vocals, has curated a five hour playlist perfect for long drives (although we can’t do many of those at the moment), having on in the background to your next study/work session or just getting your groove on in the living room.

Listen to everyone from Fenne Lily to Pinegrove, Elliott Smith to Bright Eyes.

The Japanese House – one 

One for fans of 1975, The Japanese House is the solo project of Amber Bain, heavily known for her synthy sounds and heavily autotuned, reverb vocals. Tune into her eclectic Spotify playlist ‘one’ and be prepared for a wild ride. It’s a very random mix but it doesn’t feel thrown together at all and somehow just works. Expect to be listening to Our Girl one minute and Whitney Houston in the next. Other random queue combinations include Wolf Alice to Radiohead, The Beatles to The National, and Vampire Weekend to The Mamas & The Papas.

The National – Minimal Moods with Bryce Dessner of The National

For those in need of a little concentration sesh, tune into Minimal Moods with Bryce Dessner of The National. It’s a curated mix of his own wood and strings tunes, slotted alongside piano melodies, soft guitars and one epic forty-minute number to finish off the playlist. 

For those who don’t know Dessner, he’s one of the masterminds behind Taylor Swift’s latest lockdown release, Folklore.

Este Haim – Este Playlist on haimtheband

All three of the Haim sisters released a playlist of their favourite grooves, but we picked our Este’s because it’s pumping with hits. Originally curated back in 2013, it’s certainly aged well. Dance the weekend away to Adina Howard, Phoenix and Cat Power.

Laura Marling – Guitar Heroes

Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter Laura Marling, known for her soft, folk sound, curated the ultimate lockdown playlist back in April dedicated to true guitar heroes. It’s exactly the type of playlist you’d want to pop on in the background of a dinner party with friends (post-lockdown of course) or slowly dance the Sunday afternoon away, gin and tonic in hand. Filled with guitar driven favourites, expect everything from Chet Atkins and Dolly Parton’s ‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind’, Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Circle Game’ and Marika Hackman’s ‘Drown’.

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