Grown tired of your repetitive daily playlists? Or, just on the search to discover an old school gem or new talent? We’ve got a playlist for that, in fact, this week we’ve got seven.

Settle in for a week full of motivation and relaxation as you let us choose the tunes. From Spotify’s Chill as Folk playlist to Hayley Williams’ brand new solo-album, here’s everything to listen to this week:

Monday: Electronic Focus 

Took Friday too easy and now you’re feeling the repercussions? Or, just need a playlist that isn’t full of catchy lyrics that are going to distract you? You need the Electronic Focus playlist on Spotify. 

Alarm bells probably ring when you hear the word ‘electronic’ but hear us out, these 100+ songs will see you through your groggy Monday without wearing you down. Quieten your thoughts and type to the beat of the music.

Tuesday: Chill As Folk

Did we pick this playlist purely down to its title? Maybe, but that doesn’t stop the fact that it’s full of tunes that will surely see you through your Zoom meetings and scheduled phone calls with prospective clients. 

Songs that’ll see you through this Tuesday will be everything from Ben Howard’s folk band A Blaze of Feather’s Six Years, Sharon Van Etten’s Every Time the Sun Comes Up, Laura Marling’s new hit Held Down and folk hero, Nick Mulvey’s April. 

It’s a very weird time right now so a little folk sing-a-long is perfectly acceptable on a Tuesday morning.

Wednesday: Lowkey Tech

Let’s face it, it’s a bank holiday on Friday which means tomorrow is a right off. Get all of your work for the week done this hump day to the beat of Spotify’s Lowkey Tech playlist. Don’t worry, it’s not the type of playlist that’ll make you jump out of your seat and get your rave on. It’s dance music you can listen to in the day, filled with everyone from Bicep to Recondite.

Thursday: Classic Pop Picks 

Yippee, we made it through another week working from home! Thank goodness this one is a four day week…

Let’s face it, you clocked off around midday so why not sit back and boogie the afternoon away with Spotify’s Classic Pop Picks playlist. Put away your makeshift desk, push the coffee table out of the way and dance like it’s a decade ago… Expect everything from Beyonce’s Suga Mama to Florence + The Machine’s You’ve Got The Love, The Kook’s Ooh La to La Roux’s In For The Kill (What happened to La Roux?!)

Friday: Hayley Williams – Petals For Armor: Part II

Hayley Williams has been on one hell of a transformation over the last 12 months. Going from pop-rock icon at the forefront of Paramore to solo artist at the beginning of 2020, we’re finally starting to see a softer side of Williams that’s more defined by its lyrics than drum solo. 

We know it’s the beginning of your bank holiday and you’re probably pondering for something riddled with beats that’ll help you get your groove on, but trust us. You’ll want to hear Petals For Armor in all of its glory. Having released Part I earlier this year, the last few weeks has seen Williams releasing each song of Part II individually, because she wanted listeners to get to know each song personally. This Friday sees the release of Part II in all of its entirety and you’re going to want to listen to Part I through to the last dwindling song on Part II in full. Trust us. It’s beautiful.

Saturday: Summer In The Garden

Saturdays are a little different these days but one playlist that’ll see you smiling and singing along with joy is Spotify’s Summer in the Garden. It’s the perfect balance of old classics that are just perfect for a summer day in the garden, or even in your living room if you don’t have a garden. Expect to get tapping your foot along to Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Sky, Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby McGee. 

We can just imagine lazing in the garden with a cold beer and sausages sizzling away on the BBQ. Go on, treat yourself to the lazy Saturday afternoon you deserve. 

Sunday: Annie Mac’s Power Down Playlist (BBC Radio 1)

Feeling a little rough after one too many glasses of vino on the bank holiday Zoom last night, but don’t want to fall asleep too early? We’ve got the perfect playlist for that. 

Known more widely for her dance party anthems, Annie Mac has taken it down a step with this power down playlist, crafting the perfect balance between electronic beats and relaxation. It’s on this playlist that you’ll find Tame Impala turning his disco beats down a notch in ‘Cause I’m A Man and Billie Eilish’s powerful voice coming through on When The Party’s Over. Although the playlist is no longer updated, it’s sure to be the perfect background music for your sleepy Sunday.  

An extra one to while away your time to…

Music always helps during the craziest of times, which is why Spotify recently announced a brand new playlist called the Daily Wellness, a beautiful balance motivational podcasts and personalised music. It’s perfect for when you’re in need of a little boost or push to get you through the day and what’s great is that it’s suited to exactly what you love listening to too.

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