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There’s perhaps only one doctor who we’ll always have a soft spot for. No, not Alex from Love Island, but rather, The Doctor. 

If you grew up in the UK your childhood was built on weekly anticipation, excitement and terror for the arrival of the Friday night BBC One screening. It’s a tv show that has defined generations; it’s brought squabbling siblings and tired parents together over a shared love, or rather, fear, of the invasion of Cybermen, and when the reboot arrived once more in 2005, fans, new and old, tuned in to lose themselves in the science fiction world where a doctor can time travel by tardis without anyone batting an eyelid. 

Whether you’re a hardcore, Dalek loving fan or you like to keep your obsession on the lowkey, Doctor Who fans can get excited because there’s an all-new Doctor Who immersive theatre experience coming to London early next year, and tickets have just gone on sale! 

Originally slated to arrive in 2020, Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure will be arriving in February 2021, bringing with it a production bursting with Daleks, Cybermen and Time Lords. Created by Immersive LDN, the same team behind the Great Gatsby experience, which nabs itself the title of being the UK’s longest-running immersive production, so we absolutely know we’re in safe hands. 

With your sonic screwdriver in tow, expect to travel back in time to 1940. The Blitz is in full force, and just as things couldn’t get any more terrifying, an unknown weapon lands and destroys an area of Mayfair, splitting open a rift in space and time. With Earth on the brink of existence (almost), you will have to rise to the challenge and fight against the alien invasions… Expect some of the classic villains to arrive, from towering Cybermen to exterminating Daleks, as you battle through the arising challenges. 

Tom Maller, best known for being one of the team behind Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale, Blade Runner, and 28 Days Later, will be taking the reigns as director and will be bringing writer Daniel Dingsdle’s sci-fi magic to life. 

Expect some of the classic villains to arrive, from towering Cybermen to exterminating Daleks.

Book your tickets now and feel like you’re one of The Doctor’s assistants for a day.

Tickets are now on sale for Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure. Running from 17th February – 30th May 2021

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