Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott Star Together In Drama Film All of Us Strangers

By Rufus Punt | 21st August 2023
All Of Us Strangers

Two of Ireland’s best-rising stars are set to appear together in a drama-fantasy film that’s got us hooked. Paul Mescal (Normal People) and Andrew Scott (Fleabag) play two men living in London whose first meeting changes their lives and sets in motion a series of surreal events.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Haigh, All of Us Strangers is set to release later this year in cinemas, and also stars Claire Foy (The Crown) and Jamie Bell (Shining Girls).

All Of Us Strangers

What is All of Us Strangers about?

All of Us Strangers is based on the similarly named novel Strangers, a Japanese book written by Taichi Yamada, set in Tokyo and focusing on a jaded middle-aged screenwriter named Harada. The new film adaptation swaps out Tokyo for London, and Scott instead plays a younger screenwriter named Adam.

Living a fairly unremarkable life in the city, Adam has a chance encounter one night with his neighbour, Harry (Paul Mescal), whom he has never actually met. His meeting with the mysterious and enigmatic Harry isn’t the strangest thing that happens to him that night though, as he then visits his childhood home, and finds both his dead parents are living there apparently alive. His mother (Foy) and his father (Bell) both died 30 years ago, and both seem to look exactly as they did three decades ago.

What else do we know?

‌It looks like most of the film will revolve around the performances of Mescal and Scott, who’ve both been breaking into Hollywood with films like Aftersun and Catherine Called Birdy respectively.

From the first teaser image and based on details from the novel, Adam appears to develop some form of a romance with the elusive Harry, as he continues to meet up with his parents.

The film’s synopsis says that as the pair begin to get closer, Adam’s life is changed- but are the two people living in his childhood home really his parents? Or are they lookalike impostors, or even ghosts? And why is Harry such a mysterious figure? These questions will (presumably) be answered, but for now, we only have the one image to go on, and no other casting other than the two leads and Foy and Bell have been announced.

Is there a release date?

‌All of Us Strangers certainly has an intriguing premise that we can’t wait to find out more about, with its blend of drama and slightly creepy fantasy exploring themes of love and grief. You don’t have too much longer to wait, as the film is set to release on 22nd December.

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