By order of the Peaky Blinders! There’s a brand new immersive theatre show arriving in London next year, in an adaptation of the hugely popular crime series as a live performance.

The new production will is titled Peaky Blinders: The Rise, and is set in the world of the BBC series and produced by Immersive Everywhere and Steven Knight, the creator of the original show. As you might guess from Knight’s involvement, the show is officially licensed and endorsed.

The show bills itself as “360 degrees”, which presumably means it’ll be fully immersive and will have the action taking place all around you and fully pull you in, as opposed to on a more static stage. Immersive Anywhere’s previous show Doctor Who: Time Fracture is likely a good indication of what it’ll feel like, so you can expect a detailed recreation of the world of the show to explore, with cameo appearances with characters from the show in some form.

Peaky Blinders, if you didn't know, is set mostly in 1920s Birmingham...

Peaky Blinders, if you didn’t know, is set mostly in 1920s Birmingham, and is focused on the crime family lead by Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, during the inter-war period. Other actors who appear in the show include Tom Hardy and Adrien Brody amongst many others. Whilst you’re unlikely to be interacting with these names in person during the immersive show, it’s possible they’ll appear in some form (perhaps on radios?) to add to the world.

Whilst there are not many details on what the show will entail, the official synopsis released by the production company reads: “Follow the rise in fortune of Tommy Shelby and his family as the unfolding narrative and live actors place the audience right at the heart of the Shelby Company, featuring iconic locations, from the betting shop in Small Heath and The Garrison through to the bakery on the banks of Regent’s Canal, the home of the Solomons gang.”

Featuring iconic locations, from the betting shop in Small Heath and The Garrison through to the bakery on the banks of Regent’s Canal...

The action will be taking place at The Vanguard Theatre in Camden, which is close to the filming location for Solomon’s Yard in the show. Google “The Vanguard Theatre” and no results for a location in Camden appear, other than tied to this show, so it is likely a new or redeveloped venue. Once the show is ready though, fans of the BBC series will no doubt be informed where exactly in Camden it will be.

Immersive theatre shows seem to be becoming increasingly popular in London, with a Batman themed experience also set for 2022, and with immersive theatre masters also making a return next year. The new Peaky Blinders show will have some competition in the new year then, but for devoted followers of the series, you can sign up for updates on the show over at its current website. Just remember to not continue to play gangster after you leave the experience next year.


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