If you love Big Little Lies (who didn’t?), you’ll want to keep an eye on Apples Never Fall, the upcoming adaptation of BLL writer Liane Moriarty’s best-selling mystery novel. 

The new series stars Annette Bening (Death on the Nile, Nyad) and Sam Neill (Jurassic World Dominion, The Twelve). They play a married couple who are both former tennis coaches with a life that seems blissful but is upended when Joy (Bening) disappears out of nowhere. Stan (Neill) is the first person the police point fingers at, but it becomes apparent that there’s plenty more to the story. It’s set to arrive later this year. Here’s all we know:

What is Apples Never Fall about?

Joy (Annette Bening) and Stan (Sam Neill) Delaney are a married couple who have one thing above all else in common: a lifetime love of tennis. Both made it their careers, working as tennis coaches and eventually creating their own academy, which they’ve decided to sell off and enjoy their lives as retirees. They’ve also raised four kids who are now fully grown and their golden years seem to be enviably serene.

The show’s official trailer opens with Joy giving a speech at her farewell for the academy, dedicating it to her kids and those who helped set it up. It’s all smiles and cheerful clapping, but as the music begins to get more dramatic and Joy says of those in her life “You can never really know who they are”, it’s clear something’s up. Cut to a shot of a bike on a road covered in blood, with apples scattered everywhere (what do they symbolise?), and the sound of Joy’s answering machine.

apples never fall

No one seems quite sure what exactly happened to her, with one of her kids, Amy, (played by Alison Brie) saying that something serious has clearly happened. The search gets underway with TV appeals and investigations, and it seems everyone is a bit suspect. Amy is found looking around her mum’s room, while her brother Logan is seen telling someone “We need to talk.” Stan seems to be the one who most people suspect had something to do with the disappearance, despite his insistence that “she will come back”, but there are clearly a lot of dirty secrets that are being hidden under the surface of this apparently happy family.

Is there a release date?

The upcoming series was filmed in both Queensland and London and is set to be seven parts long. Currently, it’s coming to Peacock in the US on 14th March, and a UK release is set to follow later this year.

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