Sam Neil Stars In Gripping New Courtroom Drama The Twelve

By Rufus Punt | 15th February 2023
the twelve tv series

From Anatomy of a Scandal to the BBC’s Best Interests, courtroom drama makes for a gripping watch. The Twelve TV series is yet another legal drama set to have viewers clutching at their seats.

Set to be released in the UK on ITVX, it stars Jurassic Park star Sam Neil, focusing on the trial of a woman accused of murder and the impact the case has on the twelve jurors.


the twelve tv series

Set to arrive on 16th February, it’s based on a Belgian series and has already won critical praise from Australian viewers when it aired, with particular praise for the performances and premise. Neil plays Brett Colby QC, the barrister defending Kate Lawson, accused of murdering her teenage niece. Lawson is played by Kate Mulvany, who’s appeared in The Great Gatsby and Elvis, and hers is one of the most difficult cases Brett has ever taken. The nature of the case garners significant controversy, and the teenager’s body has not been found. Kate is an artist and photographer, and Claire, her niece grew attached to her after her parents divorced.


But while the harrowing case is at the centre of the plot, The Twelve, as the name implies, is really about the jurors themselves. Fourteen ordinary people (twelve standard jurors and two back-ups) are chosen to judge the evidence and testimonies, and come to an agreement on whether Kate really did murder Claire. As the show goes on, the jurors are themselves revealed to have some dark secrets and flaws which makes the outcome of the trial seem hard to predict.

“Behind the façade of their anonymity, these 12 ordinary people bring with them their own histories… …fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma, and prejudice” reads the series’ official synopsis. The experiences and calculations of the jury are more important that the alleged crime they’re judging, which is the same concept behind De Twaalf, the Dutch language Belgian series The Twelve was adapted from.


the twelve tv series


the twelve tv series


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