We might not know yet who the next Bond is, but there are still plenty of other spies around to fill the gap, from Gal Gadot’s Heart Of Stone to Amazon’s Citadel. Matthew Vaughn, who directed the Kingsman films, is bringing back his blend of stylised action and laugh-out-loud comedy for his new project, Argylle.

But it’s the cast that initially piqued our interest… Out in cinemas this Friday, it’s led by Bryce Dallas Howard and Henry Cavill. The film is also set to star Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena and Dua Lipa. Intrigued? Read on.

What’s Argylle about?

Dallas Howard plays Elly Conway, a successful spy novelist who’s also a bit of an introvert: she rarely ventures further than her front doorstep and keeps herself to herself and her books. Her main character is the suave spy Argylle, played by Henry Cavill (with a radical hairstyle that’s pretty far from the slicked hair he’s known for in Superman). 

He’s seen in the trailer rendezvousing with an enigmatic character played by blonde Dua Lipa, who seems to be in a bigger acting role than when she briefly popped up in Barbie last year. The line between reality and fiction starts getting a bit blurred when Elly discovers that perhaps Argylle might really exist.

What else do we know?

When real-life spy Aiden (Sam Rockwell, sporting a look somewhere between Rasputin and John Lennon) arrives in her life, he informs her that her books seem to be able to predict the future. An underground crime syndicate and their leader (Bryan Cranston) believe that Elly is capable of influencing what happens to their organisation and wants her to “write the next chapter”. 

Aiden says he’s the only one who can save her from being kidnapped – or worse, killed – and so Elly joins him to the covert world of espionage in order to escape capture. She’s joined by her beloved cat Alfie and may just end up meeting her own creation. Elly might have the brains to create a world of spies, but does she have what it takes to survive in one?

Who else stars?

The cast also includes Catherine O’Hara, who plays Elly’s mother, Ariana DeBose, Sofia Boutella, Rob Delaney and Jing Lusi

Is there a release date?

Similar to Kingsman, director Vaughn plans to make Aryglle into a trilogy and the first will be released in cinemas from 2nd February 2024. It’s set to come to streaming on Apple TV+ at a later date. 

Watch the trailer 

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