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If you’re into thrillers, Prime Video is the place to be: Amazon’s streaming service has a slate of pulse-racing shows hitting the platform this year, from the recently released The Consultant to the upcoming dystopian drama The Power. Joining them this year is Citadel, a new show starring Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (The White Tiger) as two elite spies who are investigating how and why their organisation collapsed. The series is planned to be the first in an ever-expanding world, with connecting spin-offs set around the world in development.

Our two main protagonists are Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh. Kane is played by Madden, who previously starred in the action-packed thriller Bodyguard series. He and Chopra Jones’ Sinha are elite spies, who both had their memories wiped and haven’t seen each other in years. However, the pair, who have entirely new identities cross paths again and begin to remember their past together in the now-destroyed Citadel spy agency. Citadel was a global organisation that was not affiliated with any one nation, until another organisation, Manticore, brought it down. As the pair investigate what happened to their former agency, more and more secrets and revelations are revealed.

The series is executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed several films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Netflix spy thriller The Gray Man. The first six-episode series will lay the foundations of the Citadel world. Still, Amazon plans to expand on them with multiple branching spin-off shows, each taking place in different countries and featuring local talent, with the aim of creating a global TV series where numerous stories and characters can be explored.


While Madden and Chopra Jones are the leads, Citadel is also set to star Stanley Tucci, who works on the political thriller Conclave, and Lesley Manville, seen most recently as Princess Margaret in The Crown. Tucci also plays a former Citadel employee, Bernard Orlick, who enlists Kane and Sinh on a mission to stop the powerful Manticore from achieving its goals. Manville meanwhile is Dahlia Archer, a mysterious, ruthless character who has her own motives and closely guarded secrets.

Details on the series that will follow and expand on it have yet to be revealed. Still, for now, you’ll see what Kane and Sinh uncover when Citadel’s initial six episodes are released on Amazon Prime Video, starting on 28th April.

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