If you loved Happy Valley, you’ll be excited to hear that series creator Sally Wainwright is developing a new series for the BBC- though it sounds like a world away from the dark world of Catherine Cawood. Hot Flush will tell the story of five women who are all dealing with menopause, and decide to create a self-deprecating punk rock band that becomes an outlet for their troubles. Like other BBC shows coming this year including Miss Austen and The Way, Hot Flush looks like an unmissable piece of TV goodness.

What is Hot Flush about?

Like Happy Valley and Gentleman Jack, the series is set in Yorkshire, following a group of women dealing with their careers, children, parents and their menopausal years. Two of the group, Kitty and Beth, come up with an idea to create a “makeshift, butt-of-the-joke punk-rock band” that puts an ironic spin on their lives and their exasperations. As the five come together, their plan is to rehearse enough to enter a local talent show, without any pressure on themselves and purely to have fun and let loose.

Happy Valley

But it’s during these practice sessions that they find their project provides an outlet for their lives and say things they never realised they could, with the potential to change their lives forever. Their journey of self-discovery though is threatened by the fact Beth and Kitty both harbour a secret they’ve kept for years, and one that could wreck everything.

What else do we know?

Any series from one of Britain’s best screenwriters is worth paying attention to, though currently, the BBC hasn’t confirmed too many details. 

There’s no cast yet, so we can only speculate on who’ll be playing our main characters (will Happy Valley’s Sarah Lancashire make an appearance?), but we do know the series will be six one-hour parts, and could come to our screens later this year. Giving a bit more of an insight into the show, the creator herself said: “I’ve been wanting to write a series like this for a long time. It’s a celebration of women of a certain age, and all the life stuff they suddenly find themselves negotiating/dealing with.” Watch this space for more updates when the BBC releases cast and more, but for now, we can’t wait to see what Hot Flush has in store,

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