Feel-Good Rituals 10 Beauty Experts Live By

By Tamara Corin | 24th July 2023
Beauty rituals

Ever wonder why beauty gurus always look so damn good? It seems it all comes down to their rituals and how they practice and make time for daily self-care.

With modern life being super-fast-paced, it’s essential to press pause and set aside time for yourself, whether it’s a walk in the fresh air or listening to your favourite podcast, it will energise your body and mind and make you feel good inside out.

Here, ten beauty experts reveal their feel-good rituals that have become an essential part of their daily wellness routine – just in time for Self-Care Day.


Sarah Bradden, Founder of The Bradden Method Cosmetic acupuncture;

“Prior to showering (a mixture of hot and cold water), I will quickly run over my body with a dry brush – then jump in for a shower. When I cleanse in the morning everything is about getting the circulation going and blood flowing – so I’m quite vigorous. None of this takes me more than a few minutes but it’s important to activate your body, mind, and energy for the day ahead. In contrast, my evening ritual encourages me to slow down. I take a long hot bath or sauna using oils, salts and whilst listening to a meditation or just sitting with my thoughts. I will give my face a really good double cleanse and then a massage using a gorgeous oil – I’m really triggered by smells so I will use one that suits my mood and help relax before bed. I’ll massage either using my hands or a fascia release tool. For me releasing the fascia is so important as we hold energy in our fascia so it’s good to not let stagnation still in the body. It’s also amazing for sculpting and lifting the face! Once in bed, I activate ear seeds and listen to a guided meditation to calm the mind and send me into a good restful sleep.”

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Tina Chen Craig, Founder of U Beauty;

“At sunset, I light a candle, spray myself with my favourite fragrances and blast a playlist named “Mood” while I slather on a body cream with either a beauty collagen drink or cocktail (depending on the kind of day I had) – because I work at home, I force myself to create a chill vibe, or I’ll work all night!”

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Dr Emma Craythorne, Consultant Dermatologist & Founder of KLIRA;

“My feel-good rituals tend to be two-fold. The amazing feeling you get after a good resistance HIIT session. I do this three times a week and I know it gives my skin a glow. And then in contrast the routine I have before bedtime. I light a candle, put my music on, put my hair back in a towel headband, oil cleanse and cream cleanse and then apply my Klira Special. No children, dogs, husbands, bearded dragon, or fish allowed for those 5 mins every night!”

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Agata Wojcick, Spa Trainer for Bamford Spas; 

“As January brings the feeling of renewal; new chapter and new opportunity, it’s a great reminder to look after my body and mind with daily rituals. I start the day with a daily ritual of dry body brushing followed by a stimulating and nourishing body oil that I spend time massaging into the skin. It’s the best wake-up call.”

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Gucci Westman, Makeup Artist & Founder of Westman Atelier;

“I always feel best when I’m eating clean and exercising regularly, but the real feel-good factor for me has always been a great blowdry. It just truly makes me so happy! Faking a bronze glow with makeup always perks me up, too. No matter the season, sweeping a touch of highlighter over my cheekbones and eyelids instantly brightens up my mood.”

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Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder & Global President of Elemis; 

“I love to combine my cleansing routine with this breathing ritual to calm and soothe my mind as well as my skin: I warm a cleansing balm in between my palms and cupping my hands around my face, I take a deep breath in through the nose to inhale the aromatic and breathe out through my mouth, take time and pausing between each breathe, really focusing on the inhale and exhale. As I breathe in, I draw my breath down to my abdomen. I exhale and feel the tension flow out of my body. Finally, I soften and relax my hands onto my face and begin to massage the balm into my skin, including my neck and décolleté.”

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Dr. Roshini Raj, Founder of Tula Skincare;

“As a working mum, my mantra is quite simple: ask for help, don’t put it on yourself to do everything, and, most importantly, find ways to stay balanced. I stay balanced by meditating daily – usually at night. I use the Simply Being app, which offers guided meditations for relaxation. All you need is a short period of time to meditate, and your health will reap the benefits both instantaneously, and over time.”

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Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education & Wellbeing at Aromatherapy Associates;

“It may sound simple, but my daily ritual is making sure I always get a great night’s sleep and time to have a warm bath to help me sleep even better. It’s nothing revolutionary but carving out time to do this can be a challenge. I use essential oils in the bath to calm and ground me. Never underestimate the power of a good quality essential oil, it can have magical effects on your body and mind.”

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Vanita Parti MBE, CEO & Founder of Blink Brow Bar;

“I am religious about bringing yoga into my week to strengthen my muscles and keep my joints lubricated and frozen shoulder at bay! I practice vinyasa yoga as it’s a slow movement which requires strength and focus, so I leave feeling invigorated but also toned. I am strict with my evening ritual where I cleanse my skin every evening with oil and then do a brow pinching routine to send me off to a deep sleep.”

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Trish McEvoy, Beauty Expert & Founder of Trish McEvoy Beauty; 

“I so love having my morning ritual. It begins with a cup of protein coffee that I make with my favourite F-Factor protein. I then move to the most important part of my feel-good ritual which is working out with the lovely Fleur, Tracy Anderson, and Core First. Starting my day with a routine gets my mind and body prepared for the day ahead. Moving my body every morning is so pivotal in having a successful and impactful day.”

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