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On the hunt for something you get you through the winter blues? With still a few weeks until spring finally greets us, we’ve put our heads together and rounded up some of our favourite feel-good podcasts to listen to.

From shows that deal with emotions like anxiety to fun conversations between friends, here are the best feel good podcasts to listen to to get you through the drab winter months.

The best feel good podcasts to listen to through winter

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place provides you with a happy hour of escapism with every episode. Fearne delves into interesting topics, from the giddiness of love to the pain of grief, chatting with a few of her celebrity friends. Richard E Grant, Emily Ratajkowski, Olivia Harrison, Tim Minchin, Bear Grylls and Adam Lambert are just a handful of big names who’ve appeared on her show recently, all of whom share and discuss what happiness means to them.

Get ready for some emotional and spiritual digging when you beam this podcast into your ears, and with the show recently celebrating its 200th episode, you’ll have a sizeable back catalogue to peruse while you wait for new feel good podcast episodes.

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Normal Gossip

We recently put Normal Gossip as one of our favourite podcasts to listen to in 2022. It’s the light-hearted entertainment everyone needs to help them get through the winter.

Hosted by Kelsey McKinney, each episode sees user-submitted gossip being discussed and, well, gossiped about. McKinney chats to a guest, usually a “normal person”, and the rumours and tasty morsels of info that they’ve heard about various people in their social circles.

Every episode is just as intoxicating so much so that you feel like you’re really sitting there with them chatting away about all kinds of tattle – it’s fun and addictive.

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Bottoming was created by Brendan Geoghegan and Matthew Riley to be a place to open up about difficult topics in their life, and to be an LGBTQ+ mental health podcast. It’s a show where anything and everything is discussed, no matter how serious or daunting, and is a great pick-me-up for those who feel like they’ve hit rock bottom.

Issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, including general mental health, AIDS, trans healthcare and more are discussed, with your Geoghegan and Riley tackling them with fearlessness and some dark humour.

Over its 50+ episode run, the show has built up a cult following thanks to its fun and informative approach.

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Listen on: Spotify, Apple

Ki and Dee: The Podcast

Ki and Dee’s podcast is another one of those projects that started off in lockdown and just kept on going. Two best friends who both had their lives and jobs put on hold, the pair decided to do something with their time and boredom and funnel it into a podcast, which has kept going ever since.

The show is laid-back, therapeutic and a whole lot of fun. You’ll find the pair chatting about life and love, as well as airing a bit of dirty laundry each episode. With the pair both being singer-songwriters you can expect plenty of catchy tunes about each discussion point thrown in for good measure.

They also get some fun guests on the show, including actress Emma Appleton, presenter Sian Welby and drag queen Cheryl Hole. It’s described as part mental breakdown, part stand-up comedy, and it’s definitely worth a listen when things get blue.

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2 Dope Queens

Sometimes you can find the podcasting world overwhelming, with seemingly endless episodes to catch up on. Well, 2 Dope Queens ran for a total of 49 episodes (plus several bonuses) across two years from 2016-2018, so it’s easy to binge your way this feel-good show.

Hosts Jessica Williams (an alum of The Daily Show, which itself has a podcast on this list) and fellow comedian Phoebe Robinson serve up plenty of laughs across the show’s run, in a space designed to give a bigger platform to female, POC and LGBTQ comedians. Taped live from Union Hall in Brooklyn, the show discusses plenty of topics, from race, gender, sex and more.

It was also adapted into a series of HBO specials, as well as a live show. Its finale episode featured an interview with none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Telling Everybody Everything

Katherine Ryan is one of the best comics working in Britain, with Netflix specials like Glitter Room pulling in millions of viewers and recently starring in Sky’s comedy series Romantic Getaway. It’s no surprise then that she also hosts an excellent podcast, Telling Everybody Everything.

The show shifts between more serious topics and light-hearted funny stories, with plenty of candid chat in between. There are also phone calls with members of the Ryan family who make guest appearances, some back in Canada.

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Queers Gone By

Queers Gone By is a nostalgically fun show hosted by two queer comedians, Caitlin Powell and Kate Butch, in which they look back at their childhoods, and analyse the films, TV shows and even snacks of the past to see if there’s a way of pinpointing “what exactly made them so queer.” Classic UK and US shows like Tracy Beaker, That’s So Raven, Primeval, Chucklevision, Glee and many others feature, transporting you right back to your younger years.

You’ll rediscover plenty of your favourite shows from the 90s and 00s that shaped your childhood, and have a lot of fun whiling away the hours with the hilarious discussions and anecdotes on the show.

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Listen on: Spotify

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