Haircuts are back ON! If your hair’s looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway still then look no further. London is the place to score a fabulous looking haircut.

My regular haircut costs me £5 a pop, my barber and I don’t speak the same language and communicate in charades and, unsurprisingly, the haircut is distinctly mediocre. But it turns out, there’s a whole ‘nother way to do this.

London has some of the best barbers in the world, barbers who turn hair cutting into an art and getting your hair trimmed into a pleasure. No more wildly gesticulating or sharp intakes of breath when scissors slice seriously close to your ears. Whether you’re after a change, or you’re looking for somewhere for your boyfriend, husband or brother, here are a selection of London’s best barbers.

Adam Atelier, Harrods

My first post-lockdown haircut had to be Adam Atelier. Not only do you get a fantastic hair cut, you can also mooch around Harrods and pretend you’re millionaire shopping for a Ferrari or a keyring.

Adam Atelier has just opened at the gold-plated department store but is already haircutting establishment in London, with branches of the top-end barbers in The City, Fitzrovia, Canary Wharf and Mayfair.

Being a Turkish barbers, you even get the fire-in-earhole treatment...

Ask for Alex, if you can, he’s fabulous. My curly hair is tricky even for experts, and he knew exactly how to bring me out of lockdown looking ready for business.

Also, being a Turkish barbers, you even get the fire-in-earhole treatment…

Where: 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7X


Does that there beard need a bit of a trim? There’s a place for that. Murdock. Bringing a Shoreditchy feel to the whole experience, this is the hipster’s favourite groomer. Creating ‘a memorable, masculine grooming experience’, the barbers certainly know their stuff and the experience is all the more enjoyable given the glass of whiskey in your hand.

Whiskey and whiskers

Creating ‘a memorable, masculine grooming experience’, the barbers certainly know their stuff and the experience is all the more enjoyable given the glass of whiskey in your hand.

Where: 46 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E2 7DP

Where: 2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, W2 6LG

Easton London

Convenience is a huge aspect of choosing a barber. Realistically, you’re unlikely to take a trans-London expedition just to get a trim. But what about if you could get your hair cut not only close to work but AT work? That’s the concept behind Easton of London. Founded by Joe Easton in a WeWork co-working space in East London, the barbershops can now be found in WeWorks across the capital.

And if you don’t happen to work in one of the WeWork facilities, fear not because they’re open to non-WeWorkers as well. Currently they can be found in Paddington, Moorgate and Waterloo with more destinations, including Canary Wharf, being added as they go. The barbers are experienced and versatile and although intimate, one-man jobs, the experience is great.


Don’t be lulled into a sense of security by their faux-posho-hardman name, Ruffians come armed with razor blades. Thankfully they’re just for wet shaves, which they offer alongside the full range of hair cuttery you’d expect.

Ruffians come armed with razor blades

From smart surroundings in Covent Garden enjoy a shave, cut and style with a bottle of Ruffians’ own branded beer.

Where: 27 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E 7JS

Truefitt and Hill

Gentlemen shave at Truefitt and Hill. The St James’s barber has to be the smartest in London and its oil paintings and wooden panels immediately give the distinct impression that this is the sort of place that people who are used to oil paintings and wooden panels. In other words, posh people. For a reasonable sum, then, why not take your ragamuffin self down to London’s smartest barber and live like a gentleman?

Also, and this is obviously highly subjective, they do a fantastically sniffable cologne which I’m wearing right now, you

Where: 71 St James’s Street, St James’s, SW1A 1PH

Where: 8 Heneage Street, Spitalfields, E1 5LJ

Nomad Barber

What’s the best way to prepare for opening a barbershop? An NVQ in hairdressing? Nope, travel round the globe. Scouser Miguel Gutierrez left Liverpool to see the world as the Nomad Barber. Seeing, and blogging about, different cultures gave him plenty of experience to bring back to London and set up his own joint, Nomad Barber in Spitalfields.

Along with their own line of styling products, the barber offers 45 minute slots and a traditional service.

Jack The Clipper

The name alone sells it, right? This East London, the former stomping (or, rather, slashing) ground of Jack the actual Ripper. Which is exactly what you want to be thinking of as you let a stranger wield a traditional razor blade around your Adam’s apple.

The name alone sells it, right?

But the seriously cool decor and attention to detail make this one of London’s best barbers and certainly a memorable experience. If you come out alive, that is.

Where: 178b Brick Lane, Shoreditch, E1 6SA

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