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Once associated with naff ‘80s dinner parties, wine boxes and bags are once again having a moment. But before you turn your nose up at a savvy b wrapped in cardboard and with no cork in sight, there are so many reasons bag-in-the-box wines deserve a chance. Read on to find out about the 10 new-gen wine boxes we love, from punchy pinots to summer rosés

First of all, boxed wines may be the most sustainable way to get wine from vine to your table. In fact, boxed wines have about 10 times less of a carbon footprint than traditionally bottled types and use 89% less carbon in production.

They also stay fresher for longer, with a shelf life of up to six weeks even once opened. But if you’re apprehensive about finishing off a five-litre box in that time, the new names in bag-in-the-box wine will have that resolved easily. The quality of these products has risen immeasurably in recent years, with beautiful reds from some of Italy’s top family-run producers to little-known but delicious biodynamic gems from France.

Plus, these wine boxes don’t look like they used to. These are chic, art-inspired, beautifully designed boxes with branding that won’t make you wince. You’ll want to bring them out at your next dinner party or gift them to a host and they’ll definitely spark conversation.

There’s also an element of fun involved. We quite like the notion of a nostalgic box of wine popped up on the kitchen counter for people to help themselves to at your next dinner party. Did anyone say top up?

10 New-Gen Wine Boxes We Rate

BEST PAIRED WITH: Smoked salmon blinis or crudités with soft cheese. Summer may be off sick but we’re still calling Rosé Season until at least mid-September. Get on board with this beautifully delicate, pale and dry rosé from the iconic South of France region. The finish is crisp and fresh with juicy notes of strawberry and red cherry.‌ We’re also big fans of the line drawing inspired illustration on the box - perfect if you’re after something a little different to take to a dinner party or friend’s BBQ - which brings a fresh, cool new take on classic French wines.‌
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: Shellfish, especially plump meaty lobster - hence the box’s design. This South African chardonnay-based blend packs hints of ripe peach, apricot and melon flavours making it ideal for sun-drenched long lunches in the sun. It comes from winemaker Gerhard Swart, who has won countless awards and recognition and even Winemaker of the Year in 2017. Dangerously easy to sink, add it to your next order should you have friends coming round for some al fresco dining.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: Hearty bowls of pasta or crispy fresh pizza… but pretty much anything. This red slips down the gullet a little too easily. After 20 years in production this is still Laithwaite’s most repurchased wine. A crowd-pleaser, if you will, Il Papavero is blended from the best grapes of the vintage giving it a punchy, juicy and ripe cherry-packed finish. The wine comes from fifth generation winemakers who pick the grapes from some of the top-performing regions, from Abruzzi Montepulciano to Nero d’Avola, giving it some serious Italian style. Great if you’re hosting a dinner party and don’t know everyone’s unique tastes.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: A big steaming bowl of sweet mussels (hence the name) but any shellfish would work. This summary sav is ideal for al fresco lunches in the garden or long lazy BBQs when the weather is playing ball. The New Zealand juice is best served super cold to bring out the perfect balance of ripe citrus fruit, refreshing acidity and sharp gooseberry. We also love the understated black box - bringing a modern chicness to boxed wine.
best box wine
BEST SERVED: As an aperitif thanks to its immediate green apple, lemon and blossom aromas, and a stony, succulent finish. If you’re into natural and sustainable wines, check out More Wine, where they sell an incredible range of bottles and bags that subscribe to that ethos. This French Muscadet hails from a family-run estate, 30 miles South West of Nantes, where you’ll find an oceanic climate with grapes from a range of parcels with soils of metamorphic rock. There are no synthetic treatments used in the vineyard and some biodynamic practices are followed, so it’s a great one to try if you want to learn more about this area of wine.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: French classics like rich pate on crunchy bread, charcuterie and an indulgent baked camembert, but it would also work well with oily fish like salmon and tuna or a traditional fish stew. If you’re a fan of a big bright Beaujolais, this natural wine, made with the absolute minimum of intervention, is one to try. It’s back for 2023 after a fallow vintage, hailing from the legendary estate Lapierre. The grapes are picked at the last possible moment to retain the ripest fruit flavour, so expect aromas of red cherries, cassis and strawberries mixed with earthier notes.
best box wine
BEST SERVED: Chilled, to bring out its fruity and floral aromas. When you think of Malbec you usually go Argentinian, maybe French, but consider this stunning vino from Spanish winemaker Lauren Rosillo instead. It’s made with a parcel of top notch grapes, nestled on top of a steep hill, soaking up the Spanish heat, in the hands of a bona fide winemaking legend. This gives it a silky smooth finish you’d expect from a great Malbec packed with mulberry, blueberry and fresh plum. And can we also have a moment for the design? Laylo, hands down, do the best box wine designs around. This one is inspired by the traditional fans of a flamenco dancer, nodding to the wine’s roots.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: A light summer chicken salad or a silky Italian risotto. Another gem from Laylo is this medium dry, light Pinot Grigio. Made by winemaker Arrigo Bidoli in a family-run vineyard in North East Italy, you’ll find notes of peach and honeydew melon on first sniff, before sinking into citrus peel and creamy stone fruit to taste. Plus, this box is the equivalent to three bottles of wine, each priced at £11.66 making it a really reasonable option.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: Anything from a chargrilled steak to gamey meats and earthy mushroom dishes. Emile Wines is a name to know if you’re into brands switching up the industry. They are a London-based, female-founded wine importer and retailer, with a big focus on organic and biodynamic wines with low intervention and a passion for sustainability. This is their first foray into boxed wines - a beautiful, light-bodied Pinot Noir. Made by a renowned Burgundian producer with South of France sourced fruit. And how good is the minimalist box? Pleasing on the eye, practical and sustainable too.
best box wine
BEST PAIRED WITH: A simple goat's cheese tart. This is Laylo’s most popular wine, so popular in fact that it has sold out six times. Dive into this Sauvignon with its punchy notes of pineapples, green apples and white peach, with an elegant and crisp finish. Laylo calls it “sunshine in a glass” for a reason. Plus, boxes of wine don’t come much more stylish than this. Set it pride of place at your next soiree and expect it to spark many a conversation from its French-inspired Toile de Jouy pattern.

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