From Cross Country To Sprinter: The 8 Best Running Apps For Every Ability

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Are you looking to pick up running? Or a runner struggling to meet your goals? Anyone who has tried running before knows it isn’t as easy as just going out and running. It takes time, patience and a lot of dedication to make your running goal a reality. Thankfully that’s where running apps come into play, helping you to get started on your journey. 

From the app designed to make running more manageable to the social media app for runners, these are the eight best running apps for every ability.

The best running apps for every ability

Chaise Longue to 5K

Perfect for those just starting their fitness journey, Chaise Longue to 5K is designed to make beginner running more manageable. It’s a 9-week program that consists of 30-minute workouts that alternate between running and walking, allowing you to slowly build up stamina. As an added bonus, Chaise Longue to 5K has picture-in-picture support, meaning that you can watch your favourite shows or listen to your own music without interfering with your workout.

Available On: ios

Charity Miles

Want to make the most of your run? Charity Miles allows you to raise money for a charity of your choice while you run (or walk!). You can help raise even more money by encouraging friends and family to sponsor you, though this isn’t necessary. This is an easy way to increase your motivation while supporting a good cause.

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Think of Strava as social media for running. Strava allows you to record your running data (such as distance and time) and post it for friends to see. You can also comment on your friends’ workouts to keep them motivated as well. It also has other great features such as Strava Beacon, a safety feature that allows you to share your real-time location with friends and family. 

Available On: ios / android


If you struggle with proper form or get injured often while running, this is the app for you. Runmatic uses video recordings of you running to analyse your stride and identify ways that you can improve your form. Runmatic will also help you determine whether you are improving by providing you with a progress analysis. It will even show a percentage change in your improvement.

Available On: ios

Zombies, Run!

Find yourself getting bored on your daily run? Look no further. Zombies, Run! is an audio adventure based on your run. When the zombies get close, you have to run faster so that you don’t get caught! Each run you will collect supplies to grow your survival base and continue the story. It’s a unique and fun way to stay engaged throughout your entire run. 

Available On: ios / android

Start to Run

Unlike other “couch to 5k” apps, Start to Run can help you build your way up to a marathon. With 25 training schedules at varying distances, it benefits anyone training for a race who doesn’t know where to start. Start to Run also has coaching audio that you can choose to listen to or you can choose to listen to your own music (or run in silence, I won’t judge).

Available On: ios / android


Zoazi is almost like having a personal trainer. Zoazi creates a training plan and coaches you throughout your run. For those who need a flexible training schedule, Zoazi allows you to change and move workouts as necessary. Zoazi also asks for feedback after each session to further tailor your training plan. 

Available On: ios / android

My Running Tracker

The ultimate planner specifically for running, My Running Tracker allows you to design a training plan and add scheduled races to its built-in calendar. My Running Tracker will also keep a record of your running statistics and PRs for each distance (10k, half-marathon, etc). It will even tell you when you need to buy new sneakers! My Running Tracker is perfect for those trying to keep a serious log of their runs.

Available On: ios

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