The Very Best Beauty Serums To Add To Your Skincare Routine

By Tamara Corin | 23rd March 2024

For a powerful delivery of ingredients and actives, drown your skin twice a day in a serum. They’re the fastest and lightest way to deliver a rush of goodness to your skin without overloading on product. Ideally, they should be applied after cleansing the skin and before your moisturiser and sunscreen. Here are the best beauty serums we swear by.

This hybrid product is a gamechanger for beauty junkies everywhere. It works deep into the skin like a serum while adding a tint of colour and evening out skin tones. We predict Clarins have launched a whole new skincare/makeup category without intending to.
This supercharged formula is powered by cell rejuvenating and collagen-boosting actives. It leaves a hint of iridescence to skin, making it a great daytime option.
For an ultra-dewy glow that instantly wakes up skin, try this Hailey Bieber favourite to create her signature uber glazed look. (It’s a thing!)
Each bottle contains a powerhouse combination of the star ingredient, plus ferulic acid, and vitamin E that improve hyperpigmentation, free-radical damage, and dullness. It’s stupidly expensive for a serum, but it honestly transforms skin.
You’ll struggle to find a serum with a better texture. Silky, absorbs easily but with just enough slip that it works great with any skin tools. Your skin’s hydration levels will go through the roof and give you a glow that's worth the price.
This no-frills simple formula punches well above its weight. It hydrates, plumps, smooths, and provides an instant moisture hit – and with change from a tenner!
This is a skin staple that we return to, time and time again. An industry icon that can be found in every beauty editor’s bathroom cabinet because it noticeably improves skin. And don’t let the name fool you, it’s perfectly ok to use both day and night.
Designed to draw in moisture and firm skin in one hit. Expect a bouncier, more youthful complexion. A little goes a long way.
Oily skin tends to skip the serum in their routine to avoid added oiliness. Don’t! This balances, calms, and controls spot-prone skin without leaving a greasy veil on skin.
Probably one of the best products in the entire range. This lightweight silky serum transforms skin, making it firmer, tighter, brighter, and visibly repairs the texture. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
If you tend to suffer with tingling or redness after exfoliation, this is a gentler alternative to sloughing away dead skin cells but with little irritation. And it gets the approval of all the top skincare experts. Enough said.
Since this launched on the beauty scene in 1985, this has become a cult buy – and with good reason. An oil-serum hybrid with a silky texture that leaves skin gleaming and hydrated. Made up of 21 plant extracts and powered by antioxidants, this work brilliantly on all skin types. And this summer, Clarins launched a lighter version for those who may find the original a little too heavy.
If skin is feeling a little congested and bumpy under the skin, this will sort it out in no-time. Gentle yet powerful, this serum resurfaces your skin’s texture and tone while you get your shuteye. It’s important to note because it contains glycolic acid, this shouldn’t be used every night and SPF is crucial the following day – and every day in fact!
Powered with 12% of actives including peptides and collagen-boosting ingredients, this super lightweight serum lifts, firms, soothes, with a proven 43% reduction in wrinkles, it’s fair to say, it’s a must-buy.
A bestseller for good reason. This lightweight serum contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It plumps, hydrates, soothes, and blurs skin while developing a medium-dark tan in 6-8 hours.
Dark circle, puffy eyes, fine lines – whatever the bugbear around your eyes, this multi-tasker will cheat a well-rested look while simultaneously addressing all your skin concerns. The silver-nib applicator makes it an instant eye refresher. Stick in the fridge for an extra cooling experience.

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