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Boiling Point was one of the best British films of 2021. It starred man of the moment Stephen Graham (Time, Peaky Blinders) as London head chef Andy Jones as he sets out to improve his restaurant after it was recently downgraded from 5 to 3 stars. If you were a fan of the intensity of the film, you’ll be pleased to know that the BBC is developing a sequel Boiling Point TV show, with Graham and much of the same talent returning, and will be in five parts.

The new series is currently filming in Manchester, and will see more of Andy Jones- but the main focus isn’t on him. Set six months after the film, sous chef Carly, played by Vinette Robinson (Black Mirror, Doctor Who) in the film and returning for the series, is now a head chef with her own restaurant. Several of Andy’s old staff work alongside her, and she begins to feel the pressure of managing a restaurant on her own.

Alongside Graham and Robinson, returning cast members from the original Boiling Point include Hannah Walters (who played Emily, Izuka Hoyle (who played Camille) and Ray Panthaki (who played Freeman), with several new cast additions like Stephen Odudbola, Shaun Fagan, Cathy Tyson and Ahmed Malek.

Speaking on the announcement of the show, the BBC’s Commissioning Editor Rebecca Ferguson said “It’s incredibly exciting to announce that filming is now underway. The creative team on Boiling Point have brought together the finest cast, featuring established talent and introducing some breathtakingly good new cast members who will no doubt become household names.”

There’s no official images from the series yet, nor a trailer- but you can be sure the show will provide the same edge of your seat drama as the film across each 60 minute episode. If you didn’t see the original, you can watch it now on Netflix. 

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