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The Handbook

We’ve all gotten to the point where staring at the same four walls has begun getting monotonous. Rather than endlessly scrolling through TikTok, Instagram and Twitter this evening, how about getting the cogs turning in your brain and diving into one of these activity books designed with adults in mind. 

We’re all doing less than we would usually be during ‘normal’ times, so rather than sitting in front of yet another screen after you clock off WFH this week, entertain yourself with some light relief, from colouring through to brain scrambling puzzle books. 

Long gone are the days of activity books being designed just for children, there are hundreds of fun and action packed puzzle books out there for grown-ups too. From brain teasers and map treasure quests to Where’s Boris?, a fun take on the classic Where’s Wally? series, here are 28 adult activity books to choose from.


Colouring books might seem like easy distraction buys that parents give children to keep them entertained and quiet for a few hours, but the simple pleasure of getting out the coloured pencils, pens and chalks and delicately colouring inside of the lines can be rather therapeutic for adults too. 

Adult colouring books first grew in popularity a year years back when an influx of enchanted gardens, hidden woodlands and sweeping vine focused books began popping up. And since then, the trend has continued to thrive, with hundreds of adult colouring book alternatives. 

Go floral with our favourite Secret Garden book designed by Johanna Basford, or relax your mind with a colouring book dedicated to mindfulness, helping to sooth your worries and woes in a brush stroke. 

For an adults-only colouring book, this hilarious one from Lollys Publishing ‘F*CKITY F*CK: Swear Word Colouring Book’ will provide you with hours of entertainment and relief from the everyday when you’re angry or stressed out. And nothing quite compares to a Gordon Ramsay colouring book rendition.


If you didn’t grow up with multiple Where’s Wally? (now named Where’s Waldo?) books, you seriously missed out. These spot-the-person books filled my childhood with hours of entertainment, from searching for Wizard Whitebeard to spotting Wally’s evil twin, Odlaw. 

While the original books are still super fun to flick through as an adult, there are now a few other adaptations of the children’s favourite. Personalise a book with your pet dog or cat with Yappy’s alternatives or go on the hunt for your favourite musicians Prince and David Bowie. There’s also a hilarious Where’s Boris? and Where’s Trump? series too if you or your partner want a laugh. You’ll find them anywhere other than where they should be.

Wondering what ol' Boris is up to? Find him cycling in Beijing or zip-wiring around the Bullingdon Club. Anywhere other than Downing Street really...

Where’s Boris? £6.35 |

Brain Teasers

Rather than scrolling endless through humourless dance videos and Insta Stories, challenge yourself to some brain scrambling puzzles and some of Einstein’s personal impossible riddles. 

Einstein’s Riddle book was devised by Albert Einstein as a child and he supposedly claimed that only 2% of the population would ever be able to work out the intoxicating riddles and come out of the book with the correct answer. If you think you have what it takes, dive into the book filled with riddles, paradoxes and conundrums. 

Only 2% of the population would ever be able to work out the intoxicating riddles.

For those obsessed with language and all of its forms, The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book is a must try for those wanting to crack perplexing puzzles gathered from all over the world. With over 100 puzzles to choose from, you’ll be entertained until the end of lockdown and beyond. 

For geography lovers, try The Ordnance Survey’s collection of puzzle books. We love the Great British Treasure Hunt as it’s filled with twists and turns as you follow in the footsteps of history. Based on 40 new maps stretching across Britain, you will have to crack the codes and anagrams hidden within.

Bloomsbury PublishingEinstein's Riddle

Price: £8.98

Primedia eLaunch LLCJournal 29: Interactive Book Game

Price: £12.82

Strictly for adults-only, this brain teasing book will make you laugh while you test your brain with word searches, crosswords and provocative puzzles.

Rude Puzzle Book £6.68 |


For those who have exhausted the calligraphy classes and crocheting patterns they took up in lockdown 1.0 and 2.0, we’ve found some new activities to keep you entertained throughout lockdown 3.0: Crafting Books. 

From drawing and painting to collages and cut outs, there are a whole host of crafting activity books for adults to buy to keep them entertained for hours and away from the scrolling curse. 

Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage is a great book for those who are looking to get creative but are unsure on where to start. Collage artist Maria Rivans has gathered all of her years of experience, tips and tricks to help you on your way to creating vision boards, birthday cards and more from scratch. While the 365 Days of Creativity book will help you get in the thick of creativity with simple creative tasks. One for every day of the year, you’ll soon be auditioning for Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas show.

Laurence King Publishing Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage

Price: £13.28

Particular Books Finish This Book

Price: £12.25


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