4 Reasons We’re Drinking Australian Wine This Summer

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20th June 2023
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Al fresco season is finally upon us and if, like us, you’re on the hunt for the ‘drink of the summer’ to accompany your outdoor adventures, we’ve got just the answer for you. 

Bringing a ray of Australian sunshine to the UK this summer is Brown Brothers and their sweet dessert wine, Orange Muscat & Flora. Following a successful UK relaunch in October, the notable Australian winemakers are back, allowing us Brits to cheers into the new season in style. 

Whether you’re new to Brown Brothers wine or a loyal long-time fan, their refreshing dessert wine has firmly sealed its place as our wine of choice this season. Here’s why we’ll be sipping it all summer long…

One sip will transport you to sunny Australia

Whether you’re reminiscing about your recent travels or a long-haul trip down under is off the cards this year, Brown Brothers are letting you enjoy the next best thing. 

Unique to the winemakers, Orange Muscat & Flora uses two grape varieties that aren’t native or well-known to Australia and creates a sweet and rich, yet beautifully refreshing dessert wine unlike any other. 

Made up of 80% Orange Muscat and a 20% blend of Flora Grapes – a cross between Sémillon and Gewürtztraminer for the wine aficionados out there  – you can expect a textured body and light finish. Expect memories of your sunny Australian travels to come flooding back with every sip. 

Every sip is packed with flavour

A great all-season drink, the Orange Muscat & Flora is a beautiful golden colour and offers up aromas of lemon, honey, spice and musk. Crisp and tangy, its zesty, long and balanced finish will keep you coming back for more. It’s great on its own, paired with desserts or mixed up into a refreshing summer cocktail.

It’s perfect as an apéritif or post-dinner dessert wine

For those on the hunt for the ultimate al fresco apéritif to serve at your next dinner party, Brown Brothers’ Orange Muscat & Flora is the perfect addition to your bar cart. Its light and refreshing finish make it great for mixing into a spritz or a twist on classics like a breakfast martini or high ball. 

Wanting to bring out its dessert wine characteristics? Serve it post-dinner and explore its flavour profile with a fresh berry tart or soft blue cheese board.

You can mix up so many different cocktail combinations

With summer finally here, what better way to cheese to the impending sunshine season than with a cocktail or two with friends? Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora is the perfect base for summer cocktails, whether you love a spritz or a fruity number. 

From refreshing spritzers to strawberry saviours, these are the three cocktails we’ll be mixing up all summer… 

Orange Muscat & Flora and Fizz


25ml Orange Muscat & Flora

100-125ml pre-chilled regular or lime soda OR 100-125ml Champagne 


Add Orange Muscat & Flora with your preferred fizz of choice. Garnish with a sugar cube with Angostura bitters and an orange twist.  

Prima Vera Fix


15ml sugar

4 lime wedges

50-75ml Orange Muscat & Flora

125ml soda or tonic

Cubed ice


Add bar spoon of caster sugar or 15ml sugar syrup into a tall glass and squeeze over two lime wedges. Fill ¾ of your glass with ice and add in an inch of tonic water or soda water and the Orange Muscat & Flora. Stir and add more ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint. 

Strawberry Summer Equinox on the Rocks


75ml Orange Muscat & Flora

25-35ml fresh lemon

Cubed ice


Add ingredients and ice into a shaker, close and shake hard. Pour into a glass with the ice from the shaker and top with more ice. Drizzle your preferred liqueur – Crème de Frise, Cassis, Framboise or Crème de Mure. Garnish with fresh blackberries or strawberries, a lemon twist or a combination of the above. 

Brown Brothers is now available in the UK 


Created in partnership with Brown Brothers

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