We Meet The Facialist Every Celebrity Is Booking In With

By Megan O'Reilly | 26th September 2023
ada ooi interview

It’s safe to say that skincare is well and truly part of our everyday routines, and with #skincare having a whopping 66.9 billion views on TikTok it’s no surprise experts in all things skin are in high demand.

One such expert is celebrity facialist, brand founder and certified Holistic Acupuncturist Ada Ooi. Her little black book contains the likes of Emma Mackey, Ellie Goulding and Rooney Mara, and her successful cosmeceutical skincare range 001 Skincare London is only on the up. We sat down with her to get the lowdown on everything skin.

What 3 tips do you always give your clients?

  1. Massage your face often. You can use a gua sha tool, a cupping tool, a device, or your own hands, whatever you fancy. Any massage stimulates blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, improving the complexion. Massage feels good too, it gives you happy hormones, the relaxing feeling also allows you to release tension in the face, preventing further lines and wrinkles formation.
  2. Keep yourself warm and dry at all times:.wear a scarf, avoid cold drinks, wipe dry whenever you get rained on, wear thick sole shoes in the winter. Cold and dampness obstruct a smooth and healthy circulation depleting our Qi, lowering our body’s immunity. Then you start to see very pale skin, bloating in the body, the low immunity can also sometimes trigger cold sores, and because you’re weak your auto-immune system is always on, creating tension to the body and mind without you knowing, then you start to have blurred vision, frowns, and wrinkles appear.
  3. Not all wellness trends are right for you. Juice cleanse, fasting, Hiit, keto, cold shower/dipping can be good for some people but can be detrimental for others. Please don’t blindly follow, talk to a professional, work out your body’s constitution and address your skin and/or body conditions, you might have 10 things you’re not happy with but trying to tackle all of them at one time might not get you anywhere and it can take a big toll on your body when you’re making too many or too drastic changes.

What are your top three essential products in your beauty bag and why?

Merit Flush Balm in Persimmon, a soft orange red balm that I can easily pop over my cheeks, lips and over the eyes to quickly give my skin a wash of healthy glowing colour.
shiro white lily eau de parfum
I travel a lot and I must have a fragrance to comfort me, this year I've been carrying the Shiro white lily parfum in my beauty bag, it smells like the cleanest, freshest and softest  linen, one that I wear in the morning to feel fresh and also wear after shower in the evening to feel cleansed and ready for bed.
rosa damascena essence mist
I always carry the 001 Skincare Rosa Damascena Essence Mist, made of top quality rose water and essential oil, I mist often to hydrate and lift me up with its beautiful scent. Before I top up sunscreen or reapply some make up in the day, I always mist and wipe it away gently with a tissue to lightly lift off any dust and debris on my skin's surface.

What’s the best skincare tip you have learned?

I thank my mom for making me aware of the sun and its damage to the skin from a very young age. Not only is SPF a forever ‘religion’ in our family, even toda  she still chases behind me with an umbrella during our summer holidays!

Not only is SPF a forever 'religion' in our family, even today she still chases behind me with an umbrella during our summer holidays!

How has your relationship with beauty changed?

I freaked out when I first saw a tiny dot of freckle near my eyes when I was in my twenties, now I care more about my bowel movements and its relationship to my general complexion! I accepted that ageing is inevitable and jowels are normal with gravity and volume loss, but I also care that if I exercise, get my heart pumping my skin will benefit from the enhanced oxygenation and give a healthy glow – almost distracting from all the other visual flaws that I can over-pick for myself!

What is a beauty trend you wish you could tell your past self not to participate in?

Once I hit 18, I started teaching dance classes in gyms so I got free access to sunbeds. Although I have been applying a 30+ SPF everyday since I was 12, I went in and baked myself (without any SPF on my face)… the damage wasn’t too serious but I have some scattered pigmentation on one side of my face. I always think if it wasn’t for the sunbed, the melanin wouldn’t even be triggered and wouldn’t be visible at all. But we can’t turn the clock back, I can only keep protecting my skin with SPF and make sure I avoid sitting on that side when the sun hits directly.


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What’s your splurge beauty buy and why?

Recently I’ve been splurging on a few of Celine’s fragrances from their Haute Parfum Collection, I love everything powdery which is a note that almost runs through the whole collection, I’ve picked up Black Tie and Night Clubbing so far and can’t get enough of them.

What’s your holy grail beauty product and why?

Very tricky question, I have so many in every department!


Sensai 38C volumising mascara has a very unique texture in that it lengthens and strengthens the lashes without them feeling stiff, so the eye is accentuated but also kept soft and natural.
Decleor Neroli Night Balm is multi purpose - I use it for moisture, massage or just to lift my mood with its scent.
DIOR Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette
Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette is my warming scent scarf for the winter, cocooning me with brandy mixed in bitter vanilla. I also wear this when my confidence needs a boost before pitches or meetings.
LIVING PROOF.® No Frizz Vanishing Oil 50ml
Living Proof Frizz Vanishing Oil tames the ends of my hair
WellWellco The Goddess Elixir - I don't take a lot of supplements but this one contains ingredients like Siberian Ginseng which in Chinese Medicine strengthens the spleen and kidney meridians to warm the being, strengthen qi and calm the spirit, helping with any pre-menopause or middle age hormone fluctuations
001 Skincare Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew is a superb cleansing oil that not only lifts all makeup and dirt, but the smell is also so intoxicating that face cleansing never feels like a chore and the skin is left very soft and fresh.

What’s your favourite affordable beauty buy and why?

Garnier sunscreens are ace. For dry skin the Ambre Solaire Super UV Anti-age Face Protection Cream SPF50
For oily/combination skin the Ambre Solaire Super UV Anti Dark Spots is amazing

What’s one beauty hack that’s too good to gatekeep?

My water-oil sandwich technique for a lasting radiance reflecting from within the skin. Our skin is made of water and oil so I suggest drenching it with a layer of water based serum like the 001 Alpha-Glow Flash Facial to create water pathways to deliver actives, then an oil serum like the VA Repair & Reglow TCM Warming Concentrate. This oil serum only contains low weight lipids so it doesn’t block the pores. The oil particles will envelope the water particles. Then a water gel-cream like 001 Sebum & Redness Neutralising Water Shield, followed by the Amino Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream to continue the sandwich action while pushing all nourishing components further into the skin. This allows you to create an ‘active mattress’  filled with lots of moisture under the skin, allowing light to bounce and reflect naturally for it to look bright and full.

What one product immediately elevates a look and why?

I’m all about creating a glass skin from within. The key to elevate any complexion is to drench the skin with layers and layers of hydration. I rely on the 001 Alpha Glow Flash Facial to achieve it quickly. It’s very hydrating with a unique texture that I sandwich in between every facial massage and between every skincare product to fill and push hydration and actives deeper into the skin layers so that when light hits, it will be reflected from all angles inside-out, creating that genuine, juicy, plumped, translucent luminosity.

It’s basically a multi-purpose serum that’s got all the actives and antioxidants you need to tackle natural ageing day by day. My clients do the same at home, I also advise them to use it as a mask, a primer and even mix it into their make up products to enjoy all day skincare benefits. Plus it keeps that water glow effect, so gradually their skin looks much brighter and clearer.

What beauty brand are you obsessed with right now and why?

Right now I’m obsessed with Lisa Eldridge’s make up range, especially her True Velvet Lip Colour, it’s matte but very creamy and not drying at all. I don’t need to mention how great the colours are but they’re also very versatile, I can easily do a very natural diffused lip by blotting in the middle of the lips or dial it up to a dense pigment in the evening. The Elevated Glow Highlighter glows up my skin very naturally – even when I feel fatigue and jet lagged.


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I can easily do a very natural diffused lip by blotting in the middle of the lips or dial it up to a dense pigment in the evening.

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