The world’s largest circus group is returning to London in 2022: if you’ve been itching to get back to the Royal Albert Hall but can’t wait for the Proms in the summer, then you may want to grab tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia, launching in February at the famed arts venue.

This will be the Canadian company’s first show in the UK for two years, with its original run last year being cut short by the pandemic, and will form part of the Royal Albert Hall’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The performance will be the kind of visual extravaganza that Cirque du Soleil is known for, set in a world inspired by Mexico and its culture and stories, and promises to be more technically advanced than what normally graces the Hall.

In more detail, the basic story of the show is in a ‘waking dream’ of Mexico, taking the audience from the old folklore through to the modern, urban landscape of much of today’s country. This will of course be largely told through Cirque’s trademark acrobatics and gymnastics.

In more detail, expect dazzling acrobatics, impossible looking contortion acts, graceful pole dancing and even hoop diving on treadmills. Cirque’s website also puts an emphasis on “water as a source of inspiration”, explaining that plenty of the action takes place within huge downpours of water on the stage, which it calls “unprecedented.” So, while you might have an image from shows like Breaking Bad of Mexico being hot and dry, expect this show to get wet.


Expect dazzling acrobatics, impossible looking contortion acts...

Cirque Du Soleil is nothing if not big and impressive, so it makes sense to go big and impressive when you book your tickets. There are of course standard tickets to the show, but if you fancy going big, there’s also a range of ticket packages with extra features and amenities.

The ‘Tapis Rouge’ package for example will give you premium seats in the hall, access to a VIP suite with a bar, a programme and a chance to take a picture of the show’s artists before the show. ‘Fine Dining’ meanwhile offers a similar package with premium seats and a three course meal beforehand. There’s also a Family Reception package offering extra entertainment and food for children.

The Royal Albert Hall will also be hosting a number of other events continuing into next year for its 150th celebrations, having had many of its events this year cancelled, such as Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man, concerts from Jools Holland, Eric Clapton and Brian Wilson, and Space Station Earth, a concert dedicated to astronauts and space travel. Elsewhere in London, Cirque Du Soleil’s Corteo will be performed at the O2 Arena in July, which centres around all things clowns.

Luzia is certainly a show emblematic of the Royal Albert Hall's quality...

Considering Cirque Du Soleil has performed annually since 2003, Luzia is certainly a show emblematic of the Royal Albert Hall’s quality as a venue. There’s also perhaps no other group that produces such a wide range of circus shows, and no matter which you see, you can always expect dazzling acrobatic feats and amazing visuals.


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