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With the effects of climate change ever present, we’re all trying to do our bit for the environment, whether it’s cutting back on our plastic consumption or reducing our food waste. But one thing you might have overlooked is how your favourite tipple is produced and constructed. 

That is, until we introduce you to Discarded Spirits Co., the drinks brand that’s on a mission to reverse needless waste, one delicious spirit at a time. 

Made using ingredients that are traditionally wasted, Discarded gives them a new lease of life and transforms them into premium spirits packed with flavour. 

We’ve teamed up with Clink*, the online spirits destination that allows you to shop award-winning spirits in one place, to tell you more about how Discarded Spirits Co. is shaking up the drinks scene. 

A story of inspiration

Discarded Spirits Co.’s story was built with a mission in mind: to reverse needless waste. Having noticed that 70% of food and drink waste is actually avoidable, they wanted to change the way the drinks scene operated, producing products that reuse ingredients that are traditionally discarded. 

Using ingredients such as banana peel and recovered fruits that are often wasted, they were able to unlock new, undiscovered flavours, helping to bring these redundant ingredients back to life. The result? A new progressive wave of spirits that challenge the way we use natural resources.

The spirits…

Discarded Cascara Vermouth 

Elevating cocktails to the next level, Discarded Spirit Co.’s Cascara Vermouth is made from the discarded fruit of the coffee bean. Rather than being wasted, the fruit is combined with fortified wine and wormwood extract to make the rich, aromatic flavour. 

The perfect base for many cocktails, it’s spicy and fruity, with cherry and jammy strawberry fruit, tannic red wine, cherries, espresso, bitter chocolate, and cinnamon notes.

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Discarded Grape Skin Chardonnay Vodka

Discarded Vodka is a grape-based vodka using fruit recovered from wine making, using the stems, seeds and skin of the harvest to salvage what is left from the wine industry. It makes for a perfect accompaniment to a conscious cosmopolitan, sustainable spritz or a classic vodka and soda.

Packaged inside their 100% recyclable bottle, the vodka has notes of fresh apple which move into a deeper almond croissant note. The flavours are reminiscent of Williams pear, guava and starfruit, before ending with a beautiful peppercorn finish.

Receive a free 5cl miniature when you purchase via Clink*.

Discarded Banana Peel Rum 

Perhaps not what you’d expect to find your rum made with, Discarded Spirit Co.’s banana peel rum is made by infusing Caribbean rum with banana peel.

The result makes for a rich, banoffee pie taste, finishing with subtle crystallised ginger. Best served neat over ice or mixed with ginger ale.

Receive a free 5cl miniature when you purchase via Clink*.

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