Meet Dr Vali – The Cosmetic Dermatologist That Royalty Have On Speed Dial

By Tamara Corin | 5th July 2023

Dr Vali is the cosmetic dermatologist renowned for her incredible aesthetic work, hardworking products, and incredible knowledge. Here, she shares how to get her iconic makeup-free skin and find the treatments that work for you.

What’s your first beauty memory?

My first beauty memory is of my mum using a pumice stone on my face to remove my facial hairs. No laser, just lots of abrasive rubbing! I’m of African Indian origin and this is just what people did to remove unwanted facial hair back in the day.

What beauty advice would you give your twenty-year-old self?

Listen to your grandma and your great-grandma. I dyed my hair when my mum told me not to and now the greys come much faster, I believe in that. The less you use on your skin, the better; the less invasive treatments, the better – use it when you need it. God has given us this amazing human machine which is probably the best technology that’s been created.

For example, I always say to people with rosacea and acne, that if you can’t afford to see me, go home, wash your face with water and after 8 weeks your skin will correct itself. Same with hair loss – stop the conditioner, don’t put it on your scalp, wash your hair as little as possible, take the dry heat away because the hair follicles will recreate itself and they will wake up from a dormant phase – right now you’re doing all the work for them.

Do you live by any golden beauty rules?

Less is more – that’s key. Do not eliminate your ethnicity or heritage when considering treatments. Always assess in a 360 manner, so always look at the inside out. That’s why I do the wellness screen to find out the psycho-socio aspects of the patient. I wanted to formulate something that can give you medical-grade results but without the downtime and the side effects of medical-grade treatments.

What’s your most popular treatment?

The most popular treatment on the cosmetic dermatology side is ‘makeup-free skin’ – even men, all they want to do is look fresh, erase pores etc. Then, on the inside, is IV NAD. There’s a massive shift in everyone who is wired and tired, running on empty, feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping, craving sugar, libidos gone. So, we’re just rewiring them naturally to remove the inflammation in the body.


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Have you personally had any treatments?

I don’t bring anything to the By Dr Vali 360 Experiential Centre if I haven’t tried it myself. I’m 45 years old so I’ve had a surgical thread lift which I put on Instagram. I’ve had micro-contouring deep on the bone, so you’re not volumising. I’ve had prescription-grade skincare resurfacing to give me beautiful skin, so I don’t have any fine lines or open pores. If you pinch my skin, it’s quite tight but I don’t look like I’ve been distorted – I still look like my Facebook picture from two decades ago. On the inside, I’ve been bio-hacked twice because I have had burnout twice in my career. My hair has been thickened as it fell out after IVF and when I had Covid. That’s basically it – not a lot right…!


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Do you have any wellbeing rituals?

I’m not a very disciplined person so I can’t do the gut detox, sugar-free/dairy-free/gluten-free for 28 days programmes. I can barely do a juice diet. Ramadan is tough for me as well. I’m a person who wants results tomorrow. Right now, I’m a big fan of prescription grade IVs for when I’m feeling wired and tired, for energy and immune boosting.

Do you take supplements?

I can’t swallow supplements. People ask why I don’t have a supplement line since functional medicine tells you to take 14-28 different supplements every morning. That would kill anyone’s gut lining! This is exactly why I created droppers because you get 90% bioavailability under the tongue. Pill supplements need at least 2-3 months to see results. I’d rather have an IV that gives me 99% bioavailability at the endpoint.

What are your makeup bag heroes?

I love Hourglass concealer for under the eye and then I just put some blush and lip gloss on – I’m very minimal with makeup. A little bit of concealer under the eye and then blusher – I’m a big fan of blusher. I sweep a little bit across my nose because I’m pale, so I need to look a little fresh. Then, I wear lip gloss or a Tom Ford nude lipstick. I don’t really wear eye makeup in the day, but in the evenings, I’ll sweep mascara on my lashes. To keep my brows looking thick and bushy, I use Lumigan or Bimatoprost – which is a medical version of RevitaLash, which encourages growth. As you age, your brows go as well, so the fuller your brows, the more youthful you’ll look.

Where do you shop for unique beauty finds?

I look at competitor analysis, so you can always find me roaming around the beauty hall in Selfridges to see what’s new and innovative. I regularly check out the beauty edit from Net-A-Porter. The Korean market is where I normally look initially for unique finds. And I always ask my patients for recommendations because they are big into beauty and wellness.

Have you got a signature scent?

I love fragrance; my repeat perfumes are anything from Tom Ford, especially Black Ombre and Christian Dior’s Oud and Oud Ispahan– I like to layer them all. I like people to know that I’ve arrived or I’ve been in the place, I like leaving my smell behind. My team say you know when Dr Vali’s here because you can smell her or when R&B or Hip-Hop’s been playing – one or the other!

What are your go-to skin saviours?

For me, if you want the ultimate bone structure, I use the lifting and tightening setting on Cutis our micro-contouring tool because I’m in my 40s now and my fat pads have descended. I travel a lot, so I tend to get a bit puffy in the morning, so this tool works wonders. In terms of my skincare routine, it’s minimal because I’ve been treating my skin ever since my 20s, so it’s quite firm. I use Superstar Gamechanger Hero Concentrate Brightening every day and then SPF and that’s my lot. I rarely use moisturiser. Shock horror!

You’re a very busy lady, do you ever press pause?

I don’t think I do, in all honesty! Although I’ve got better over time. In 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve learnt how to be disciplined – ensuring that, when I go home, I’m not opening my laptop (which I used to do), until 1am / 2am in the morning because no good comes of it! What I do is compartmentalise, and I give myself time/micro nuggets to complete tasks within a certain window period. I also switch off by being sociable and seeing friends, I get lonely when I spend time alone. I normally go for a run. I don’t exercise to lose weight; I exercise for clarity and mental health. I like running, Netflix and chilling, grabbing coffee and people-watching. And I adore playing with my nephews and nieces.

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