Autumnal Fragrances

As soon as the leaves start falling and the temperature takes a dive, we fast think about swapping our summer dresses for our cashmere knits. Fragrance should be no different. Switching up your scents according to the season is a great way to introduce different smells and ingredients into the mix and it keeps your nose sharp too. Perfume is also very sensitive to climate and will react differently depending on the weather outdoors. So, instead of sticking with your signature scent all year-round, cocoon yourself with warmer, softer smells this autumn. Here are our favourites – and for even more beauty treats, take a peek at our Christmas gift guide

Phlur Missing Person EDP, from £96

If you haven’t seen this fragrance on your social media, are you actually on social media? With a 200,000+ waiting list and a complete sell-out (in just five hours!) when it launched in the UK in September, this scent already has a cult following. Blowing up TikTok with a blend of musk, bergamot, sandalwood and jasmine for a sheer, soft and familiar scent that is said to remind you of a loved one, hence the name. One whiff and you’ll get what all the fuss is about. It’s simultaneously comforting, nostalgic and warm.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian 724, £180

The master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, creates scent like no other. His latest is an ode to the cities that never sleep, think Paris or New York and their around the clock vibrant energy. A cocktail of bergamot, Jasmine, and sandalwood, 724 feels appropriately cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and alive. A pick-me-up in a bottle.

Paco Rabanne Fame EDP, £86

This cute and head-turning bottle houses an overtly feminine scent of mango, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla which work beautifully together to make a creamy fruit floral with added warmth and sensuality. Everything about this scent, from the chainmail bottle to the fragrance itself, has modern written all over it.

Dior J’Adore Parfum D’Eau EDP, from £63

A fresh interpretation on the classic and best-selling cult fragrance. This alcohol-free version is full of natural ingredients like jasmine sambac and a specific and very special new addition of neroli (that can’t be replicated, or found, anywhere else in the world), making it the purest version to date. A true example that the most beautiful things are usually the simplest.

Guerlain Oud Nude EDP, £280

Shockingly expensive but in a league of its own. Part of a new collection of a trio of Oud perfumes, this unique sweet-woody scent is created with the finest ingredients including white almonds, Madagascan vanilla and cumin. It’s a unisex scent so perhaps you can justify the purchase if you can persuade him to wear it too. Sharing is caring! If you want more scent to share, try these unisex fragrances you can both enjoy.

Diptyque Orpheon Refillable Solid Perfume, £48

One of the brand’s best-selling fragrances is now available as a refillable, solid perfume. Paying tribute to the warm atmosphere of an iconic Saint-Germain night club bar that the Diptyque founders used to frequent in the early 60s. This Eau de Parfum is subtly spicy, woody, and floral at the same time, with notes of juniper berry, cedar, tonka bean and jasmine, transporting us to cosy night’s in by a log fire.

The Nue Co Forest Lungs, £85

Green, woody, citrus and smoky, this earthy perfume is inspired by forest bathing. Dubbed a stress-busting scent supplement, that is meant to calm, balance, and ground you like you’re walking in the woods and hugging trees along the way.

Byredo Eyes Closed, from £130

The uber popular Stockholm perfumery never disappoints with their array of intoxicating (in a good way) scents. This latest smell is designed to invoke a feeling of “warmth, tenderness, and familiarity, the feeling of autumn, of a hypnotic teenage crush”. Inspired by the iconic photo by Alasdair McLellan named The Perfect Kiss, you’ll feel weirdly cocooned and comforted with just one spritz.

Loewe Earth, from £81

Inspired by the elements that connect nature, this is a floral and musky fragrance, packed with the fresh smells of luscious pear, soft mimosa, and violets with notes of rich truffle- a symbiotic wonder found underground (hence the truffle picture in the outer packaging).
Not overly feminine nor masculine, making it very inclusive for both sexes to wear.

Comme Des Garcona Zero, £120

This latest drop was practically made with autumn in mind. Full of warming florals, such as rose and bergamot, soft cashmere, creamy musk, and cedar that together create a cosy wrapped-up in your woollies kinda feel.

Sentier Balade In Autumn, £112

Sentier Frangances Balade In Autumn is warm, comforting, woody yet floral, where it gets its namesake. This bouquet certainly creates a lasting scent that is exotic and cocooning with bigarade and saffron notes that bring an extra punch to this floral symphony. As it develops further with Turkish rose and jasmine, any wearer can feel themselves transported to another world.

Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple, from £95

This woody, warm and heady scent is everything you would expect autumn to smell like. With notes of sandalwood (obvs!) cedarwood, bergamot, neroli and comforting vanilla. Taken inspiration from the sacred and sensual East Indian principles where sandalwood is often burned in and near holy temples as a way of connecting to the spirits above and cleansing the soul. So addictive that it’s quickly become the luxury fragrance house’s best-seller.

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