Emily In Paris Drops Today: Here’s Everything We Know

By Rufus Punt | 21st December 2022

Everyone’s got a TV series that’s a bit of a guilty pleasure- and for many of us at The Handbook, that show is Netflix’s Emily In Paris. The show’s caught some flack for its writing and some of its depictions of Paris and France, but it’s still an easy going, lighthearted romcom to get sucked into – and now Netflix has released the first details of Season 3 coming 21st December. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our December streaming list.

Back to Emily in Paris, and though it seemed like the titular Emily (Lily Collins) was on the verge of leaving Paris at the end of the last season, the trailer for Season 3 confirm she’s still very much there. Here’s everything we know…

Now entering its 3rd season, the Lily Collins-starring Netflix show has become a ratings smash and scooped up a few Emmy Awards, and gathered a cult following. The new season has recently gotten both a teaser trailer and a release date, promising more adventures for Emily (in Paris).

The initial teaser trailer starts off pretty dramatically, with Emily narrating that “This is the hardest decision that I have ever had to make… it’s just something I have to do”, before snipping her hair and restyling herself with bangs, much to the dismay of her best friend Mindy Chen. But the latest trailer reveals the show very much picks up from where we left off.

Season 2 ended with Emily trying to choose what kind of love life she wants, torn between two potential boyfriends, as well as trying to juggle her future career plans. Though she decides initially to try and pursue a relationship with Parisian crush Gabriel, she finds he’s gotten back together with his ex Camille- and the last episode closed with Emily telling Sylvie that she’s made her decision.

In Season 3, Emily seems to have chosen to start getting close to her boyfriend from Season 2, Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount), though keeps finding herself bumping into Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo), as seen in the teaser where she hurriedly defends her bangs: “Sometimes people cut bangs, but everything’s fine!”

Of course, you can expect all the awkwardness, fashion, and trials and tribulations to continue in Season 3, and beyond: Netflix confirmed that a fourth season will also air in the future. Filming for Season 3 began back in June, and the new season is set to release on 21st December (if you want to spend Christmas in Paris). Though Lily Collins has said she’d enjoy playing the character visiting different cities around the world (and some fan rumours), there’s no indication yet that the show will leave France, so don’t expect Emily In Berlin or Emily In Sydney anytime soon. For now, though, you can watch the previous two seasons over on Netflix.


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