Not all of us are graced with the green fingers required for keeping a cactus alive, let alone a whole abundance of houseplants to love and nurture. If you’re like us, you’re looking for an easy way out and we believe we’ve found the perfect selection of faux ferns that are both affordable and totally look the part.

From faux cheese plants to phoney pampas grass, here’s 27 faux houseplant and flower alternatives to fool your friends with.

Rockett St George

It’s no secret that we love Rockett St George, and their boundless selection of faux plant range is just another reason to add to the long list.

The online homeware brand has been on every influencer, lifestyle editor and the interiors obsessed lips since launching back in 2017. We love their online emporium for interiors inspo. Their extensive selection of faux plants is perfect for those who love natural bursts of colour in their home but aren’t green fingered when it comes to keeping houseplants alive and healthy.

Go all out and fill your home with large faux cheese plants and palms, or play it safe and add a burst of colour to your windowsill with these faux pampas grass stems.

Rose & Grey

I can easily find myself scrolling through Rose & Grey’s seriously plush interiors and furniture selection for hours on end. Filled with trendy wall art, colourful textiles and just outright beautiful bespoke pieces, Rose & Grey has a seriously great selection of faux ferns and stems too.

While we’re not blessed with an abundance of sun here in the UK, their faux olive tree will give you the Mediterranean feel without having to worry about keeping your leaves green and your olives ripe.

We also love their faux take on the typical green and pink begonia plant. It almost looks as good as real...

Fox Flowers

On a mission to change people’s perceptions of faux flowers, Fox Flowers has tried and tested the best materials to recreate realistic perennials for those who aren’t so green fingered or those who want their blooms to last a whole lot longer than a fresh bunch.

Fox Flowers helps to bring you the best petals to add a splash of colour or texture to your home. From wild meadow petals to summer hedgerows, there’s something for all.

If you’re looking to join the peony obsession but don’t want to drop a bucket load of money every time, make the most of their faux peony stems. Their petals are so realistic you’ll barely be able to tell the difference. All you need to do is mould, shape and trim to your preferred fit.

Eucalyptus Leaf

Price: £24.00

Wild Statice

Price: £25.00

Forest Fern

Price: £13.00

Peony Stem

Price: £19.00

Abigail Ahern

Loved by every lifestyle editor, Abigail Ahern brings the style and charisma you need to a home.

The faux fern and flowers range is simply sensational, and it’s almost impossible to tell the faux leaves apart from the real deal. Every stem has been crafted to perfection, using only the finest of materials, often silk, to complete the look. Once you’ve selected your favourite textures, styles and colours, all that’s left to do is pop it in a vase and let their beauty do the magic.

Banksia Mulberry

Price: £21.00

Hydrangea Moss Green

Price: £15.00

Dogtail Grass

Price: £64.50

Greymist Kalanchoe

Price: £11.50

Dried Petals

Okay, so we’re cheating a little bit here but dried flowers are just as beautiful and authentic as the fresh ones.

These are still essentially the real deal but you can get a whole new lease of life out of dried petals.

We adore Rose & Grey’s selection of wild dried blooms that boast a range of neutrals and bright petals to help add a pop of colour, or if you’ve looking to go all out, invest in one of Fox Flowers’ thistle pop bunches.

These are still essentially the real deal but you can get a whole new lease of life out of dried petals.

Thistle Pop

Price: £285.00

Dried Lavender Bunch

Price: £11.00

Field Dried Flowers Bouquet

Price: From £28.00

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