With all the current crazy goings on in the world today, sometimes it’s nice just to step away from all of that and disappear into another world entirely. So how about Ancient Egypt? A new exhibition is coming to London next year that will show off  artefacts from the time period, and tell you a story of how people lived all that time ago.

Ramesses and the Pharaoh’s Gold is currently on tour, and will be arriving in London at some point in 2022, though no exact dates have been confirmed yet. The exhibition is currently in Houston, Texas, and will be there until early summer, so expect the tour to appear over here in the later half of the year. It follows a similar exhibition Tutankhamen: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, and while this one doesn’t have the treasures of the famed Boy King, it’ll none the less offer a fascinating look into the era.

Ancient Egypt is pretty much when prehistory became history, so you’ll be going a long way back with this one. The titular Ramesses in this exhibit is Ramesses II, and while he didn’t have a famous supposedly cursed tomb, is none the less a big future in the period, and you’ll probably have seen or come across something connected to him at some point. He’s also the namesake of the Ramesses Revenge ride at Chessington, if you remember that one. Oh, and if you thought there were a lot of King Henrys in English history, Ramesses was number 2 of 11 pharaohs by that name.

With that background info on our main character out of the way, here’s what the exhibition itself entails. It’s been described as “multi-sensory”, and will feature some 180 different artefacts, which will explore the life and achievements of Ramesses II, and explain why he’s considered the most powerful pharaoh in Ancient Egypt (all 3000 years of it), and earned the nickname “The Great”.

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Expect plenty of shiny and amazing objects on display to look at in wonderment...

The man was a big fan of building things, so expect to see parts of statues that he commissioned (often of himself). In addition to objects relating to him, there will also be sarcophagi, animal mummies, jewellery, royal masks and amulets, so expect plenty of shiny and amazing objects on display to look at in wonderment.

The “Pharaoh’s Gold” part, aside from sounding like something Indiana Jones might be searching for in his next film, refers to a collection of exquisite golden treasures from Ramesses’ tomb. We’d advise not touching or trying to steal them, as not only may you incur the wrath of an ancient spirit, the exhibition’s owners would likely not be too pleased.

The exhibition will be a rare opportunity to see some Egyptian artefacts that you can’t just find in The British Museum. The tour, which is scheduled to stop off in a few other places in Europe, is leading up to the opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, which will become the biggest Ancient Egyptian museum in the world. It’ll house a huge collection of relics of Tutankhamun, including the iconic funeral mask. For those of those who are remaining in London for the time being, the Ramesses and the Pharaoh’s Gold exhibition will be a great local alternative.

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