Still dreaming of that Mediterranean trip from last month? We’ve found the perfect rosé that’ll keep the memory beating for longer. 

Meet Gris Blanc Rosé, the elegant bottle from Gérard Bertrand that we’ve been serving up all season long. Picked by hand and pressed directly, this light rosé comes from the South of France, and pairs brilliantly with just about every occasion, from alfresco parties and celebrations to autumn activities and cosy nights in with friends. 

Read on to find out more about this Handbook favourite…

You’ll be transported to the Mediterranean in an instant

If you still haven’t gotten over how breathtaking your summer soirée to the South of France was earlier this summer, fear not as this Gris Blanc Rosé will see you mentally transported there in a matter of sips. 

The vines are ideally located in the Tautavel area, between the Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees mountains, just 30km north of Perpignan in the South of France. The area’s dry and sunny terroir enables the Mediterranean grape variety, the Grenache, to express its fragrant aromas. The result? A super light and refreshing rosé for all to enjoy.

All that’s left for you to do is close your eyes, sip the rosé and imagine the waves crashing in the distance. Pure bliss.

It’s picked with love

With so many wine brands and options out there, it’s nice to know that Gérard Bertrand’s Gris Blanc Rosé is made authentically and with care. The grapes are picked by hand and pressed directly. This allows the Grenache Gris and Grenache Noir grapes to give the best reflection of their delicate aromas. Matured on the fine lees, it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s bottled and at your dinner table. 

It pairs perfectly with food

Like all great wines, this pairs with a selection of tasty dishes that you can serve at your next dinner party. 

To be enjoyed as an aperitif, serve the wine at 10-12°C, with the likes of shellfish and crustaceans, Mediterranean salads, Asian dishes and baked fish. Add some fire to your night and pair Thai curry or rich tagines.

It’s the perfect light rosé for any occasion

Summer and rosé go hand in hand, and this light pale pink rosé has been the bottle we reach all summer long and beyond. On the nose, it presents aromas of red berries.  While on the palate, the slight pearl gives the wine a touch of fruitiness and exalts the fruit, finishing on a fresh and mineral note. 

Share a bottle of this while soaking up the last of the summer or cosy into the autumn sipping on the memories of the summer.

You can sip it at your local Stonegate Pub this Autumn.

Created in partnership with Gérard Bertrand

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