High Potential Is A Surprisingly Relatable Crime Drama Series

By Rufus Punt | 2nd November 2023
High Potential

It feels like everyone’s an amateur detective these days: from podcasts to documentaries, stories of ordinary people solving crimes in their spare time have become a genre of their own. But of course, we can’t get enough of them, which is why our interest is piqued by the brand new series High Potential from ABC, about a normal woman who falls into the world of crime investigation due to her unique detective skills.

Starring It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Kaitlin Olsen, the drama is set to arrive on our screens early next year.

What is High Potential about?

High Potential centres around Morgan (Olsen), who on the surface certainly seems to be very much your average everyday 40-something: she’s got three kids, and an unremarkable boring job.

What she does have though is an exceptional problem-solving mind and sense of intuition, and better than anyone seems to get how criminals think. Out of the blue, she’s one day given the chance to put these skills to good use and change the trajectory of her life, when she casually helps in putting together evidence during her shift as a cleaner at the police department. Her hidden talent is suddenly recognised, and she’s given a chance to work with the police with her “high intellectual potential” for solving crimes.

Who else is in the cast?

The department decides to pair her up with a seasoned investigator: Detective Karadec, played by Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata. Karadec is known in the field for being no-nonsense and doing things by the book, so his pairing with the very much amateur Morgan as a consultant means there’s potential for friction down the line. Soon enough, they’re given their first case, and the rather odd couple set out to unravel their city’s unsolved mysteries.

The series is a remake of the French detective series HIP (High In Potential) and sees the normally comedic Olson take on a more strait-laced role. Also in the cast are Javica Leslie (Batwoman), Deniz Akdeniz (The Flight Attendant) Judy Reyes(The Horror of Dolores Roach) and Matthew Lamb (Only Murders in the Building).

Is there a release date?

As of now we’ve only got a first look image of the series to go on, showing Olsen as Morgan in a leopard skin coat, but the series is set to arrive in the US on 1st January 2024, with a UK release at a later date. We’ll keep you up to date with any further details when they’re announced.

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