Fingernails: Apple TV+’s New Movie Asks If Love Can Ever Be 100% Certain

By Rufus Punt | 1st November 2023

Is sci-fi romance slowly becoming one of the next big genres? This year has already seen the releases of Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal’s otherworldly couple drama Foe as well as the The Pod Generation which sees Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor grow a baby in a pod- and the trend is continuing with Apple TV+’s new romance, Fingernails.

It’s led by Jessie Buckley (Women Talking) as Anna, a new employee starting work at a high-tech institute that analyses romantic attraction and relationships between couples to see if they’re genuine.

What is Fingernails about?


Buckley is joined by Sound of Metal star Riz Ahmed and The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White, and the three get stuck in something of a love triangle.

When Anna meets and falls for Ryan (Allen White), it looks like they’re soulmates, and their loving relationship is even confirmed by a machine test from the straightforwardly named Love Institute. According to technology, they’re 100% compatible as a couple and meant to be together. But Anna still has doubts in her mind and is conflicted as to whether she truly loves Ryan. After all, can a machine really tell you the truth about something as complicated as love? The love tests are controversial, and with this unsureness driving her, Anna decides to get a job at the institute to see exactly how the tests work.

What else do we know?


It’s at the institute where things begin to get complicated, as Anna is shown the ropes by the experienced Amir (Ahmed). The two colleagues get along well, and Amir develops feelings for Anna—something that she might be secretly hiding as well. But surely, if she’s a 100% match for Ryan, she wouldn’t have those feelings?

With Ryan sure of his love for Anna, she has to work out her future and live by herself. The trailer for Fingernails shows that it takes place in a pretty grounded sci-fi world, but where love is seen as something entirely scientific and irrefutable.

“I founded this institute to take the risk out of love… to make the bond of love stronger” explains Love Institute founder Duncan (Luke Wilson). When Anna asks if it’s possible to love two people at the same time, he replies, “It’s a biological impossibility.” But Anna feels that it’s perfectly possible.

Who else stars, and when does it release?

Fingernails also stars Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek), Nina Kiri (The Handmaid’s Tale), Clare McConnell (American Gods), Juno Rinaldi (It Chapter Two) and Jim Watson (Slasher). It’s set to arrive on Apple TV+ on 3rd November.

Watch the trailer

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