Emilia Clarke Stars In A Creepy Sci-Fi Comedy, The Pod Generation

By Rufus Punt | 1st August 2023
the pod generation

This year we’ve seen the releases of dystopian dramas like Silo, Extrapolations and the eagerly awaited sixth season of Black Mirror, all showing futuristic worlds where technology is often used for the worse. Sci-fi comedy The Pod Generation, set to release this month, is another look at a near future that’s dominated by technology that might not necessarily be a good idea. 

Starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Secret Invasion) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (The Man Who Fell To Earth), it tells the story of a couple trying to have a child using an artificial womb and the pitfalls along the way. 

What’s The Pod Generation about?

Rachel (Clarke) is a company executive working in the tech world, who’s become something of a rising star in her field. Thanks to her hard work and luck, she’s ended up being given a spot at the Womb Centre, a new and exclusive way for couples to have a child. 

the pod generation

The idea of the highly sought-after procedure is certainly tempting for Rachel, but her husband Alvy (Ejiofor) is somewhat less enthusiastic. As a passionate botanist, he’s enthralled by the natural world and prefers to live less dependently on tech- including artificial wombs. With both unsure, they tend to help from others (including Rachel’s fully AI therapist) to decide and find themselves wondering what really counts as “natural”.

What else do we know?

The Pod Generation is definitely timely given its comedic and satirical observations on an increasingly tech world, and AI dominating life. As we see (in the film), the natural world has collapsed so much that the concept of nature doesn’t really exist anymore- so why shouldn’t artificial wombs be used for childbirth? 

The trailer gives you a glimpse of this uncertain future: instead of baby bumps, mothers carry their child in a “pod” strapped to their stomach, and Emilia Clarke’s Rachel is seen trying out the concept for herself, even as Alvy seems a bit more weary about the consequences and ethics. As they struggle with not only moral questions but also practical worries (how do you avoid damaging the pod?), the time grows ever nearer for the child’s entry into the world, and both parents aren’t sure what to expect.

Joining Clarke and Ejiogor in the cast are Rosalie Craig (1899), Vintette Robinson (Black Mirror), Kathryn Hunter (Andor) and Jean-Marc Barr (The House That Jack Built). 

When will it be released?

The Pod Generation debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is directed by Sophie Bates (Cold Souls). It’s set to have a release on 24th August.

Watch the trailer

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