Rebecca Ferguson’s Dystopian Thriller Is One To Watch

By Rufus Punt | 2nd May 2023

If Amazon Prime Video’s recent The Power or Apple TV+’s Extrapolations prove anything, it’s that we can’t get enough of dystopian dramas and the dark and thrilling worlds in which they’re set.

Apple TV+ is staying on that theme with their new sci-fi series Silo, set to arrive on 5th May, and starring Mission Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson as a woman navigating a future where humans have been driven inside a giant silo to protect them.

Based on the novel series of the same name by Hugh Howery, Silo is similar to Apple’s Extrapolations, with both showing humanity adapting to the world being totally and irreversibly altered. Unlike that series, the cause of the change in the world isn’t directly stated to be due to climate change, but it will incorporate many of the same themes.


Fergurson’s character, Juliette, is a hardworking engineer living with the rest of humanity in a colossal silo that stretches close to 150 stories deep below the surface, protecting them from the hostile and toxic environment outside. A large amount of humanity has died off, and the conditions are so bad that those who remain must abide by strict rules and regulations, that is supposed to protect them.

Talking and even thinking about the idea of venturing outside The Silo’s confines is forbidden, and punishment for those rebelling against the system is to be sent outside The Silo for cleaning duties- which means certain death in the toxic gases in the atmosphere. Juliette, nicknamed Jules, is someone who’s responsible and keeps to the rules in place. But she suddenly finds herself investigating why her previous boss and his wife decided to voluntarily clean the outside, and her determined, stubborn nature puts her on a path that may have no going back.

While Silo doesn’t quite feature the same star-studded cast as Extrapolations, it’s got a few recognisable faces playing the lead characters: alongside Fergurson, Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) plays head of IT Bernard, David Oyelowo (Selma, Les Miserables) is Sheriff Holston, Rashida Jones (The Office) plays Alison, and Harriet Walter (Succession) and rapper Common also have roles. Like most Apple TV+ shows, the first two episodes will premiere together on 5th May, and the series will continue for a further eight parts.

silo premieres on 5th may

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