Out Today: The Bear Returns For A Second Helping

By Rufus Punt | 19th July 2023
the bear season 2

It’s the show on everyone’s lips: after a successful first season and equally praised second in the US, The Bear finally returns to UK screens this week.

Buzzing word of mouth means that the show is becoming another one of those “must-watch” series that one co-worker keeps raving about- and for good reason. The new season sees Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) starting a brand new restaurant, called The Bear, along with his steadily improving team of chefs. With a number of celeb guest stars and the same thrilling intensity, it’s definitely one of the best shows of the month.

the bear season 2

What’s the plot of The Bear season 2?

The critically lauded first season focused on Carmy, a top chef, coming back home to take charge of his family’s Italian beef sandwich restaurant. Carmy is a man who’s received top classical training in the art of cuisine and is used to the world of high-pressure fine dining, so his homecoming is something of a departure from what he knows.

His brother Michael had died by suicide shortly before the events of the premiere episode, and his Original Beef of Chicagoland has fallen into dire straits. Using his cooking talents and knowledge of how best to run a kitchen, Carmy sets about whipping The Original Beef into shape. Similar to the Stephen Graham film Boiling Point,it’s an intense look at the world of restaurant chefs.

the bear season 2

The Bear season 2 keeps up the heat of season 1, as Carmy and Co look to craft the best menu possible for their customers and go about opening The Bear to the public.

It also doesn’t shy away from the mundane side of restaurants: getting permits, marketing the business, and creating strategies for success. Characters like Ayo Edebiri’s Sydney are just as endearing as they were last time around, and Jeremy Allen White remains the breakout star.

What else do we know?

The Bear season 2 launched in the US back in June, and while we won’t spoil things here, we can say that the show climbs to new heights. It changes things without wandering far from what made Season 1 so good, and the characters all glued together. Carmy and Syd are the standouts, but other key players, like Marcus (Lionel Boyce) and Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas), all get their time to shine.

Who else is in the cast?

Riche (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), Ebraheim (Edwin Lee Gibson) and Natalie (Abby Elliot) all make their return in Season 2, as their characters grow and are taken to exciting new places. But one of the best surprises of Season 2 is its guest stars.

Look away now if you’d prefer not to know (though most have been widely chatted about on social media)—guests include Bob Odenkirk, Olivia Colman, Will Poulter, Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney and Jamie Lee Curtis.

When will it be released?

You can watch the trailer for The Bear’s second season below to get a taste of what to expect, and it’ll arrive on 19th July. All episodes (and all of season 1) are available through Disney+.

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