All We Know About Saoirse Ronan And Paul Mescal’s Thriller Foe

By Rufus Punt | 19th October 2023

We’re very excited about Amazon Prime’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Foe film, and you should be too: it stars huge names including Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal.

With Ronan having appeared in last year’s hilarious See How They Run and Mescal set to star in Gladiator 2 and All of Us Strangers, the two stars join forces for the intriguing and unnerving Foe, based on the book of the same name by Iain Reid. Heading to cinema screens this Friday 20th October, the two play a young married couple, who live on a farm around 40 years into the future, whose life is upended when a mysterious figure knocks on their door.

What is Foe about?


Foe’s married couple Junior (Mescal) and Henrietta (Ronan) live a happy but mostly quiet rural life on a farm. Their peace, however, is broken one night by the arrival of a strange man whom they’ve never met before, and works, he claims, for the government.

According to the stranger, Junior has been chosen to be sent to space to board a huge space station, with Henrietta left behind. This news doesn’t go down well, with Junior protesting the idea of leaving Henrietta, but the stranger replies that he has no choice and that his wife will be left with a new companion. Their once-tranquil family life is disrupted forever.

What else do we know?

With Foe getting a cinema release this Friday, the first sneak peek images have been released and it certainly looks like the film has a moody atmosphere dripping with mystery. 

Both Mescal and Ronan’s characters appear exhausted and world-weary in their somewhat dystopian existence, and they’re both seen staring dead-eyed into the distance in various shots.

We also get a look at the man from the government, who doesn’t look exactly happy about giving the couple the news.

The novel, published back in 2018, was penned by writer Iain Reid, who also wrote the novel I’m Thinking of Ending Things, adapted by Netflix in 2020. The book version received positive reviews for its creepy, unsettling narrative and psychological thriller elements. Without giving too much away, the plot gets progressively weirder and more disturbing, and assuming the film sticks closely to the novel, we can’t wait to see how it keeps us on the edge of our seats onscreen.

While we don’t know too much else about the film other than the novel’s plot, Foe’s director Garth Davis (Top of the Lake) said in an interview with Vanity Fair that the film is about “relationships and the environment”, and how in life we’re not always awake: “Wake up. Your life is precious, and if you take it for granted, you’re going to lose it.”

Is there a release date?

It’s set to arrive in cinemas on 20th October, with a later Amazon Prime Video release date to come.

Watch the trailer

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