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If your January diary is looking a little limp this month, fear not as we’ve searched high and low to find the very best cultural events in London and beyond, from the hottest new TV release to the light show to catch. 

The Culture Fix is an edit of our favourite new launches, TV shows, and pop-up events happening in London. It’s a space to inspire the month ahead – read on to find out our January favourites.

The New Theatre Show: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons 

The Serpent star Jenna Coleman and Poledark’s Aiden Turner will star alongside each other in the highly anticipated Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons. No, I didn’t just press paste on my keyboard four times by mistake, this is the lengthy title of Sam Steiner’s debut play. 

Swaying from convention, this story sees a lawyer and a musician fall in love in a pet cemetery. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, a new law in their country states that every person can speak a maximum of 140 words a day. Follow as the pair become accustomed to the new bill, navigating their lives through silent notions, from sign language to charades, eye contact and even playing the drum to tell the other how they feel.

Looking for more new theatre? Check out the big theatre shows arriving next year.

RUNNING 18.01.2023 – 18.03.2023

Laughing While Boating, Roxana Halls Maddox Gallery - Events in London
Laughing While Boating - Roxana Halls Maddox Gallery

The Must-See Exhibition: FUNNY HA HA 

In need of a laugh to banish those January blues? Fear not as Maddox Gallery has an incredibly entertaining exhibition that’s bound to get you laughing. 

Running until 22nd January, FUNNY HA HA is a through-provoking group exhibition brought together by painter Roxana Halls. Featuring a selection of works Halls finds funny, the showcase explores the subjectivity of humour and challenges the critical remarks surrounding work that is funny. Hoping to bring a laugh your way, head down to explore and find humour in art.

Running until 22.01.2023

The Film We’re Excited For: TÁR

The film everyone’s going to be talking about, TÁR sees Cate Blanchett take on the pivotal role of fictional musician Lydia Tàr. 

Directed by Todd Field (In The Bedroom, Little Children), the film follows Tàr’s journey as she’s set to conduct the biggest performance of her career. Though the film is fictional, it hopes to shed light on the pressures of the musical world, how they work and the troubles faced by women in the industry. Find out more here.

Release date 13.01.2023

The New Podcast To Listen To: Strippers in the Attic 

This January sees cult hit podcast Strippers in The Attic return with a third season, packed with just as much angst and honesty surrounding the world that’s often swept under the carpet. 

Hosted by Buffy Love and Heaven, this season sees the pair delve into what stripping taught them about themselves, and the wisdom they can pass on to the world. 

Season 3 airs 05.01.2023 

Listen on Spotify 

The Book Everyone’s Talking About: The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels – Janice Hallett 

Looking for an engaging tome to kickstart your Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023? Look to Janice Hallett’s brand new novel, The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels. 

This novel is centred around the shocking story of the Alperton Angels, the cult-esque group who were convinced one of the member’s babies was in fact the anti-Christ until the mother called the police. The rest of the group committed suicide instead of going to prison, and the baby was placed into care. With the baby now turning 18, true-crime author Amanda Bailey is on a mission to get to the bottom of this mystery and help her career from unravelling before her. The truth might not be what the public is ready for.

Release Date: 19.01.2023


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The Experience To Visit: Canary Wharf Light Show

Thought all of the light shows were finished for the season? Think again. This month sees Canary Wharf’s annual Winter Light Show return for its seventh season.

Running from 18th – 28th January, Canary Wharf will be transformed into an illuminated haven, home to 20+ installations. Showcasing work from the world’s greatest light artists, head down this January to see everything from a family of giant mammoths at Riverside to a fibre-optic tunnel in Wood Wharf. 

Running 18.01.2023 – 28.01.2023

The New TV Series To Binge: Ginny & Georgia 

The second season of Netflix’s hit series Ginny & Georgia returns this month, bringing with it just as much small-town drama as we can handle. 

Coming to the streaming giant on Thursday 5th, the series will pick up where it left off, with Ginny discovering her mum’s hidden murderous secret. Antonia Gentry (Ginny) and Brianne Howey (Georgia) will return in their captivating roles. Aaron Ashmore is set to be this season’s newcomer, starring as Gil Timmins, Georgia’s ex.

Release date: 05.01.2023

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