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The first week back at work is always excruciatingly hard, especially after family fun and festivities. Here to help you tackle your first week back are our top picks from Spotify’s playlists, filled with uplifting beats to get you through the working week. For more inspo, check out our Culture Section. 

Mood Booster

The clue’s in the name here, but Spotify’s Mood Booster playlist really does help lift your spirits in moments of confusion. Regularly updated, this music playlist usually boasts four hours of mood-lifting tunes, which is probably enough time to dip in and out between the endless work calls you’re no doubt going to have. Expect everyone from Post Malone to Harry Styles to be making an appearance.

The Stress Buster

The first week back after a break always comes crawling with some added anxieties and an overloading email inbox. Helping you tackle the impending stress is The Stress Buster, Spotify’s 100-track playlist that’s dedicated to helping you destress. This music playlist is bursting with instrumental songs and light melodies, from Jon Hopkins to RHODES, Arlo Parks to Hayden Thorpe.

my life is a movie 

As the bio suggests, every main character needs a soundtrack and Spotify has crafted the perfect one to suit your individual needs. Spotify personalises this to suit you, whether you’re into indie rock or cheesy 80s hits. 

Expect some of your most cherished ‘movie’ moments to come to life.

Morning Rhythm

Nothing can help you kickstart your first Monday back at work like a bit of soulful jazz and Spotify’s Morning Rhythm playlist is home to all of the funky tunes to get you through the slog. Crack this one on first thing and expect to be tapping your leg along instantly. Tap to the beat of Girlhood, Moonchild, Joya Mooi, Amy Winehouse and Cleo Sol.

Creativity Boost

The new year is a time for new beginnings, resolutions and transforming ideas into action. For those who need a little boost in the right direction should pop on Spotify’s Creativity Boost to help ignite the creative juices and get them flowing. This playlist is regularly updated but you can rest assured you’ll be inspired by the up-and-coming artists listed on this playlist; plus, you might even uncover a new favourite artist and be able to listen to them all year long. You’re welcome.

Instrumental Backdrop

Ease yourself back into your working regime with a little help from Spotify’s Instrumental Backdrop. As the name suggests, this playlist is filled with all you need to keep focused and not fall into a lyric singing rabbit hole. Blast this one out this week and let the piano sounds seep into your typing rhythm.

Ambient Japan

The new year is about going out of your comfort zone and why not start with listening to something a little different to your usual work playlist? We love Spotify’s Ambient Japan playlist, filled with contemporary, relaxing music made by Japanese artists.

So if you want to feel as though you’re in Japan, then this music playlist is it.

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