Thoughtful Gems: Jewellery For Every Birthstone

You may know your star sign, but do you know your birthstone? Get to know yours with this guide. February babies are in for a treat.

A meaningful gift for your mum, sister or bestie, nothing says I love you more than birthstone jewellery. Or why not personalise your own jewellery collection with a special piece to celebrate your birth month? Keep scrolling to see which stone you’ve been matched with and some of our favourite to shop for yourself and others.

Keep your loved ones close to your heart and thread your chain with multiple charms. Or stack up your rings for a bold energy that can't be missed. Wear the colours of the rainbow.

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The name Garnet comes from the Latin word Garanatus, meaning “seedlike” and referencing to a pomegranate. Although garnets come in a range of colours, they are typically found in a range of beautiful reds. The red colour of the gemstone symbolizes faith, love and courage and can promote overall self-worth and confidence.



The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated”, which translates from the Greek word améthystos and references to the belief that the stone protects its owner from intoxication and illness. The purple quartz stone supposedly calms the spirit and promotes groundedness and tranquillity.



Aquamarine is a pale-blue gemstone said by ancient lore to be a treasure of the mermaids. The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” The gemstone evokes the purity of crystal blue waters and the feeling of calm that the sea brings. Spiritually, aquamarine is associated with cleansing the spirit.



Diamonds are precious stones consisting of a clear and colourless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance. Traditionally seen as a symbol of faithfulness, love, purity, innocence and relationships filled with love, diamonds are derived from the Greek name ‘Adamas’ meaning ‘unbreakable’ or ‘untamable’ and therefore believed to also bring strength and courage.



Emerald is a member of the beryl family and among the traditional “Big Four” gemstones along with diamond, ruby and sapphire. The birthstone takes its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Marakata’ which means the green of growing things and it promotes health, faithfulness, fertility and wealth.



The finest quality of natural pearls occur spontaneously in the wild and have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries. Cultured or farmed pearls from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels are most popularly used in jewellery. They supposedly symbolize modesty and purity and protect against nervous and anxious thoughts.



Rubies are highly valued and known as the ‘king’ of gemstones. The name is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red” – the colour of love and passion. Rubies also symbolize strength and courage and can support the emotional health of the wearer – removing negative energies from your path.



Peridot is one of the few gemstones that come in only one colour. Its name is thought to derive from the Arabic word ‘faridot’, which translates to ‘gem’. Historically, peridots bring courage, wealth, wisdom and purity to wearers with a birthday in August. The light green gemstone relieves stress and calms anger and protects the wearer.



The name sapphire is derived from the Latin “saphirus” and the Greek “sapheiros”, both of which means blue. The sapphire is a gemstone associated with royalty and is believed to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts whilst symbolizing truth and protection and bringing success to all who wear it.



Tourmaline is the earth’s most colourful mineral and gemstone. They can be found in many different colours, most popularly greens and pinks. Tourmaline gems possess healing and restorative qualities and are symbols of hope, innocence and creativity.



Citrine is a transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of quartz and its name comes from the Old French word for lemon. Its warm colour is said to be a gift from the sun and can be a symbol of hospitality, friendship, hope and happiness. Wearing a citrine, especially in a necklace or pendant near the heart, is associated with wishes for increased self-esteem, good luck and emotional harmony.



Most Topaz crystals are colourless, but the most abundant is a vivacious blue colour. It is thought to deliver clarity and allows you to channel your inner wisdom and find the perfect pathways to successful opportunities. Anyone who wears this gemstone should embrace their authentic self, trust their power, and revel in good fortune.

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