I Am Ruth JB 133

In the age where Hollywood actors seem to be faring better on TV than in films, one actress has made a real success out of prestige television: Kate Winslet. She scored Emmy wins for her roles in HBO’s Mildred Pierce and Mare of Easttown, the latter of which was one of the biggest TV hits of last year. We know she’s got some more HBO shows in the pipeline that will hopefully be as good as those two, but first she’s starring in an episode of the third series of Channel 4’s “I Am…”.

The show, which has been somewhat overlooked in the TV and streaming landscape, is a female led and focused drama anthology, with each series consisting of standalone stories. The show is written and created by writer Dominic Savage, and episodes are written in collaboration with each episode’s leading actress. The show, which began in 2016, so far has only had six episodes, but it has already accumulated some impressive names, with Gemma Chan, Letita Wright and Vicky McClure having featured in stories so far.

This is where Kate Winslet comes in; the third series of the show is set to air next year, and will feature Winslet in the opening episode (or chapter), titled “I Am Ruth.” Like the previous stories, I Am Ruth is a woman-centred story, featuring Winslet playing a concerned mother named Ruth, who is finding it hard to help her daughter’s struggles with social media. Winslet will be acting alongside her real life daughter Mia Threapleton. The story sees Ruth and Freya (Threapleton) grow increasingly apart, and finding it hard to have a good relationship given Freya’s obsession with social media and her phone. “It’s making you ill”, says Ruth in the show’s first trailer, but Freya finds it hard to adjust to Ruth sending her to a counsellor and taking away her phone.

Unlike previous episodes of I Am…, which are around 45 minutes long, I Am Ruth is being billed as a “feature length” drama, and will run for around two hours – which makes sense with an actress of Winslet’s fame and Oscar credentials. The episode will once again be broadcast by Channel 4, and while there’s no indication what stories and which actors will feature in the subsequent episodes this season, you can expect the show to debut later this year.

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