She won acclaim for her role in last year’s Mare of Easttown, and now Kate Winslet is once again returning to the TV world in not one but two HBO dramas.

The first, Trust, is based on a book of the same name about a wealthy financier who set outs to correct how a novel depicts him and his life. The Palace meanwhile is set in a dystopian authoritarian future, and is directed by acclaimed British director Stephen Frears. Both miniseries will be executive produced by Winslet.

Trust was published back in May of this year to good critical reception, and ensured an adaptation for TV would enter production. The book is framed as a seemingly unreliable mish-mash of different narratives of the life of tycoon Andew Bevel and his wife Mildred. Bonds, a novel within a novel tells a version of how a couple apparently based on the Bevels rose to the top, and has gained popular traction in New York. But there’s other versions of this story, like Bevel’s own autobiography, the memoirs of an elderly journalist and the ghostwriter of Bevel’s autobiography. The complex and sometimes confusing intertwining narratives could certainly make for great TV, if adapted in the right way.

Meanwhile the second, The Palace, isn’t based on a book, and details about what it’ll entail are more scarce. What we do know though is that it’s set within the walls of the palace of a despotic totalitarian regime, over the course of one year, as the regime begins to falter and fall apart. The new show is being written by Will Tracy and Frank Rich, perhaps best known for HBO’s acclaimed hit Succession, and directed by Stephen Frears, known for films like The Queen, and shows like A Very English Scandal and Quiz.

For fans of Kate Winslet, HBO is the platform to watch.

It’s not known which roles Winslet will be playing in either Trust or The Palace, though she’ll almost certainly have a leading role in both (perhaps she’ll play Mildred Bevel in Trust?). Nor is there a release date for either project, though one or both of them will likely arrive sometime next year. For fans of the legendary actress though, HBO is the platform to watch.


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