The Regime

If you’re a Kate Winslet fan (who isn’t?), then you’ll be excited to hear that HBO is bringing a new series starring the Mare of Easttown actress to our screens next year. After recently starring in Avatar: The Way of the Water and I Am Ruth, which saw her scoop a Bafta, she’s back on TV with The Regime, which sees her in quite a different role to what we’re used to: the head of an authoritarian government threatened by potential rebellion. It’s set to arrive in Spring 2024, and also stars Hugh Grant opposite her.

What is The Regime about?

The series’ exact plot is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that Winslet plays “The Chancellor”, the leader of a fictional country in Central Europe, who runs a totalitarian, ruthless regime over the population. The six-parter will take place across one year of her rule, the Chancellor’s Iron grip is threatened by turmoil that is brewing within the nation. One of the catalysts for unrest occurs when she decides to imprison her closest rival, the Leader of the Opposition (Grant)- and trouble starts when mass protests break out. The walls seem to be closing in, and the regime crumbling, as she desperately tries to hold on to her waning power.

Is there a trailer?

The Regime

HBO has released a short teaser trailer that gives a small peak at what to expect from the series, with the US Secretary of State (The Good Wife’s Matha Plimpton) visiting to discuss American interests. “Love this kingfisher blue” says Madame Chancellor of the secretary’s outfit, before adding menacingly “We’ll try not to get blood on it.” There are shots of the Chancellor’s eccentric dictator lifestyle, as well as her husband (The French Dispatch actor Guillaume Gallienne), as the US diplomat stresses the need to see “credibility”.

According to the Chancellor, her country represents a “new Europe” and her actions are “in the name of liberty”. It’s all quite serious, there’s dark comedic elements as Winslet scolds someone for not apologising to the people instead of her: “Not to me you hog!” and screaming “f**k them all!” as she realises things are going wrong.

What else do we know and when can I watch it?

If you’re looking for more hints about what to expect, then you’ll want to know that the series is produced by some of the team behind the wildly successful HBO show Succession, and directed partly by Stephen Frears, who helmed the film The Queen and the series A Very English Scandal. Andrea Riseborough also stars as the Chancellor’s right-hand woman.

It arrives from HBO next year, and while there’s no definitive platform to watch it in Britain, it’s a UK production, so rest assured that we’ll know soon enough.

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