You may know Nicola Peltz Beckham from shows like Bates Motel and for being part of the growing Beckham family, but the actress has also been quietly at work on her directorial debut, Lola, arriving in the US on 9th February- and we’re intrigued.

Posh and Becks might be a world-famous business but Nicola is also showing off her talents by writing and starring in her new film, which she’s co-directing with Bria Vinaite (The Florida Project). The movie will see Peltz playing a young woman trying to protect her brother from their abusive home.

What is Lola about?

The indie film joins a slate of dramas releasing next and Peltz headlines the cast alongside acclaimed actress Virginia Madsen , known for her roles in films like Sideways and Candyman. Set in 2002, the eponymous Lola James (Peltz Beckham) is a teenager living in unhappy circumstances: she lives with her dominating mother Mona (Madsen), and her younger brother in Middle America.

The home is a toxic one, with Mona generally being abusive and uninterested in her children’s attempts to be happy and independent. In the film’s trailer, their mother is seen shouting abuse at Arlo (Luke David Blumm ) for wearing a dress and makeup, with Lola trying to comfort her young sibling afterward. Lola is desperate to save enough money to allow them to leave for good, feeling that the situation is hopeless with Mona accusing her lifestyle of going down “a path of sin” and “f*cking up” Arlo.

What else do we know & who else stars?

The film’s stylishly shot trailer, set to the song Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez , shows Lola taking a job in a strip club and battling to help Arlo be able to grow up and have the opportunities in life that she could never have. It also reveals that she is expecting a child shortly, and similarly wants the baby to be able to know “what it feels like to be loved.” “I said the same thing when I was pregnant with you” retorts Mona.

Lola will also star Richie Merritt (Euphoria) as Lola’s boyfriend Malachi, Trevor Long (Ozark) as Mona’s boyfriend Trick and Raven Goodwin (Being Mary Jane) as Lola’s best friend, Babina. The film will also feature music from Quincy Jones and Mervyn Warren.

When does Lola release?

Lola is set to release in the US on 9th February, though a UK release date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, you can watch the official trailer below.

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