Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? From shows like Fool Me Once, Bodies, and the film A Haunting in Venice, we can’t get enough of whodunnits and howcatchems. Fortunately for us, the new mystery drama Death and Other Details, developed by Hulu, is set to arrive on our screens later this year.

It looks a bit like a mix between Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and HBO’s The White Lotus, as it surrounds a once world-renowned detective finding a new case on a luxury cruise ship that turns deadly. Intrigued? Here’s what to know.

What is Death and Other Details about?

The upcoming show stars Mandy Patinkin (Homeland, The Good Fight) as detective Rufus Cotesworth, a sleuth whose finest detecting days are unfortunately behind him. He takes himself on a cruise in the Mediterranean, where a chance to revisit his past glories unexpectedly arises.

Another guest on the cruise, Imogene (God Friended Me actress Violett Beane ) gets caught up in a mystery that unfolds when a dead body is discovered in a room locked from the inside. She is considered to be the prime suspect. While she protests her innocence, the only way that she can prove it is to team up with the esteemed Cotesworth, despite her disdain for him. Putting aside these hangups, she becomes something of a protégé to him as they investigate.

Death and Other Details

What else do we know?

As the mystery starts to envelop everyone on the ship, Imogene and Cotesworth set about interrogating everyone they deem to be suspects, who range from the richest and snobbiest elite guests to the unimpressed crew members. It soon becomes a race against time as Imogene seeks to both exonerate herself and find out if the killer might strike again.

‌The show’s trailer opens with a shipmaid uncovering the gruesome scene of the crime, with the victim apparently hanging on the wall. The unfortunate guest seems to have attracted Imogene’s attention by berating a staff member for damaging his watch and she decides to teach him a lesson by smashing it herself- but too late! She’s spotted by the camera, setting her on a course of only 24 hours before Interpol boards the ship and arrests her.

Death and Other Details

Who else stars?

The rest of the cast meanwhile includes Lauren Patten (Blue Bloods) as Imogene’s best friend Anna, Rahul Kohli (The Fall of the House of Usher), Hugo Diego Garcia (The Substance), Linda Emond (Causeway) and Jayne Atkinson (House of Cards).

When will it be released?

There’s no UK release date, but like other Hulu shows you can expect it to arrive on Disney+ in the coming months.

Watch the trailer below:

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