Netflix’s Bodies Is A Time Bending New Mystery Drama

By Rufus Punt | 19th September 2023
Bodies Netflix

From A Murder at the End of the World to Only Murders in the Buildingthere’s no shortage of whodunnit TV to binge through right now. We’ve finally got details on one of the most intriguing murder mystery shows of the year and it’s landing this Friday.

Netflix’s Bodies, which stars Peaky Blinders and Boiling Point star Stephen Graham, puts a twist on what we usually think of when it comes to the detective genre. It’s a time-bending adventure that blends sci-fi and period drama into a thrilling crime saga.

Bodies Netflix

What is Bodies on Netflix about?

Bodies is based on the DC graphic novel by the late author Si Spencer, originally published back in 2015. It brings together four different detectives from different eras of London.

In the 1890s, Edmond Hillinghead was attempting to solve a murder that no one else had any interest in. In the 1940s, Karl Whiteman is an adventurer also investigating a murder whilst keeping quiet about a shocking past. Shahara Hasan, meanwhile, living in 2023, is a female detective sergeant dealing with racist rioters who also uncovers a corpse. Meanwhile, DS Maplewood is a sleuth from the future, in 2053 to be exact, and they too find themselves investigating a dead body. The twist is that the body looks the same in all four eras and each investigator is apparently trying to solve the same murder.

Bodies Netflix

Who stars?

Starring in the four main roles are Kyle Soller (Andor) as DI Hillinghead, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (The Queen’s Gambit) as DS Whiteman, Amaka Okafor (Greatest Days) as DS Hasan and Shira Haas (Unorthodox) as DC Maplewood.

Graham himself is playing Elias Mannix, a mysterious and enigmatic political figure who appears in 2053 with Maplewood. He seems to possibly have the ability to travel through time- or at least has the knowledge of each of the eras where the body was found. “You’re not the first detective to discover this body… I’m going to tell you everything” he tells Maplewood in the series’ first-look teaser trailer.

What else do we know?

There isn’t a lot else we know about the plot, other than the fact that some sort of conspiracy seems to bind all four people together. We see a better view of each character in the first official images, and it looks like Maplewood is our main protagonist. Meanwhile, Paul Tomalin, who worked on Torchwood and The Frankenstein Chronicles, is the creator and main writer of the eight-part series.

When does it come out?

Bodies is set to arrive on Netflix on Friday 19th October.

Watch the trailer

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