Poirot Returns In Kenneth Branagh’s A Haunting In Venice

By Rufus Punt | 14th September 2023
a haunting in venice

They say we’re living in a murder mystery renaissance, and with films like Glass Onion and shows like Only Murders in the Buildingthere’s a pretty strong case.

So who better to turn to than one of the best mystery writers of all, Agatha Christie? Her most famous creation, Hercule Poirot, is being brought back to our screens this week by Kenneth Branagh in the third film in his Poriot adaptations. A Haunting in Venice sees Poriot, now retired and wishing to be away from public life, attending a séance- but things start to turn pretty murderous. Packed out with an impressive cast, including Michelle Yeoh and Kelly Reilly, here’s why you’ll want to catch this epic film…

What is A Haunting in Venice about?

While Murder on the Orient Express (2017) was cold and claustrophobic, and Death on the Nile was sunny and glamorous, A Haunting in Venice is creepy bordering on horror.

You don’t need to be Poirot to guess where it’s set: the Belgian detective finds himself in the Italian city on All Hallow’s Eve, with the country still reeling from World War II. Poirot himself is not exactly thrilled to be going to a séance, viewing it with skepticism, but agrees anyway for one of those attending. As the group of those gathered set about to contact the dead, one guest is suddenly themselves found killed. Having retired from professional sleuthing, Poirot once again finds himself with a case on his hands.

Who’s in the cast?

It wouldn’t be Agatha Christie without a cast of odd characters who are all potential suspects. This time around, Branagh is joined by names like Jamie Dornan , Tina Fey , Michelle Yeoh , Emma Laird , Camille Cottin and Kyle Allen . It’s once again directed by Branagh.

What else can we expect?

Things will be a bit more intense and spine-tingling than the last two Poirot outings, with the film being billed as a horror-mystery. It’s based on the Agatha Christie story Halloween Party, set at a Halloween Party and follows Poirot trying to solve a case in which a girl who witnessed a murder is killed.

The film looks like it’ll follow a similar premise: in the film’s trailer, a mother (Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly ) is holding a séance to try and hear the voice of her dead daughter. Guests, including Poirot, gather for the meeting in an old palazzo, but one of them is found murdered. Not only does our detective have to find out who is responsible, he also has to face his inner fears as it seems the supernatural might be real after all. The trailer certainly feels like a horror film, and it looks like this will be unlike any previous Poriot yet.

When it be released?

A Haunting in Venice is set to release in cinemas this week on 15th September.

Watch the trailer

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