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10 Of London’s Best Chocolate Shops

The Handbook
By Justin Wooley | 8th April 2019

Chocoholics be warned- this guide will entice a relapse. These chocolateries are known for serving up the most decadent and delicious chocolate treats in the city. We can only hope that life would be like a box of chocolates: rich and engulfed in luxury, though we would probably need to consult a specialist for our high blood sugar levels. While the only real-life Oompa Lumpa is still residing in a white house in Washington, these chocolate shops have Willy looking for his own Golden Ticket.


The Notting Hill and Holland Park-based shops get their name from the niche quality of chocolate which makes it the only food that melts at body temperature. Although, it’s a tight call as to whether you or the chocolate will begin to melt first.

The open kitchen in the shop, where the team of chocolatiers craft all of Melt’s cocoa treats, captivates the senses and allows easy access to an expert if you’re not sure where to start looking. They also offer chocolate classes if you’re looking for your next reason to drop into the shop, where you can boost your chocolate knowledge to that of a connoisseur.

Where: 59 Ledbury Road W11 2AA and 6 Clarendon Road W11 3AA


The Roman occupation of Britannia continues with Said, the London branch of Rome’s oldest chocolate factory, and we are just as pleased as Caesar would be. The glass display in the front of the shop showcases all of the chocolate treats from the Roman establishment but much more lies beyond in their wide-ranging menu. What is not to be missed is the hot chocolate, which is made from their melted homemade bars.

Where: 41 Broadwick St W1F 9QL and 29 Rathbone Place W1T 1JG

Dark Sugars

You have surely scrolled upon the steaming glass of chocolate and cream overflowing in white and dark chocolate shavings from Dark Sugars during the cold and snowy winter months. The Brick Lane spot is a staple on top lists and guides to hot chocolate in London, but what distinguishes this classic holiday beverage amongst the rest is the Ghanian chocolate that is at the heart of all of Dark Sugars recipes.

Fatou Mendy, the founder of Dark Sugars, made a chocolate pilgrimage to South America and West Africa, where she rooted herself in the study of cocoa. This three-year study is the key component of all of the irresistible chocolate pearls, truffles, and of course hot chocolate in the shop.

Where: 141 Brick Lane E1 6SB and 124-126 Brick Lane E1 6RU


Chocca-waaka-deeda, chakka-wacca-daada, chaaky-waacky-dunda…

This mouthful of a pronunciation takes a back seat to the mouthful of chocolates that will have you chipmunk cheeked in this Soho chocolate café. It is also near impossible to leave the store without one of their extravagant cakes, whose signature cascade coating is sure to be an instant favourite at any and all occasions.

Where: 27 Shorts Gardens WC2H 9AP


White, Milk or Dark? How about truffle oil and turmeric? Melange (yes we also think the name sounds as sensuous as the chocolate it produces) is known for its bold flavor pairings, which combines chocolate with an eclectic mix of fresh spices, herbs, and fruits. For those looking for a steady fix, Melange offers a monthly subscription service, where customers receive a bag of chocolate each month.

Where: 2 Maxted Rd, SE15 4LL

Philip Neal

Fashion is most functional when it involves chocolate. Strut and snack in a pair of Philip Neal chocolate stilettos. While we’re not sure that these heels will be hitting the runway anytime soon they are definitely a must have sweet treat. If your closet is full, don’t worry, Philip Neal has plenty of other chocolate creations from milk chocolate mice to pinot noir ganache.

Where: 43 Turnham Green Terrace, W4 1RG


With shops spanning all across the city this luxury chocolate shop, which is titled after the 18th-century highly-ornate art movement, has established itself for its high-quality, organic and ethically-sourced cocoa bars. After visiting one of the five London locations, the packaging won’t be the only thing leaving that’s Baroque.

Where: Various Locations


The flamboyantly bright colors that brand the St. James shop and its packaged chocolate might cause you to do a double take looking for the name Wonka. Rightfully so since it was the favourite chocolate shop of Roald Dahl, the author of the world’s most popular fictional chocolatier, who famously adored Prestat’s handcrafted truffles.

Where: 14 Princes Arcade, SW1Y 6DS


Montezuma’s is the fair-trade chocolate enterprise pushing cocoa to new limits with recipes for classic items like truffles and bars to the more eccentric like drinking chocolates and chocolate lager. The family-owned business is only in the UK but has established itself as the little company with a big presence in the chocolate community.

Where: 8 Market Street, E1 6DT

Artisan du Chocolat

One small bite for man, one giant treat for mankind. Artisan du Chocolat boasts an impressive CV, which includes being named as a NASA astronaut favourite food. The boutique luxury chocolate brand has dedicated itself to innovation, and have been on the frontier of chocolate crafting having developed the first ever salted caramel, the first-ever line of functional chocolate, and most recently creating vegan-friendly chocolates. The Westbourne location echoes this creative sentiment and is constantly changing its products, so customers can get a taste of what is next to come for chocolate.

Where: 81 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UL

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