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The Handbook

Even the keenest of cooks can sometimes lack a bit of culinary inspiration. We all like to work hard and play hard and occasionally the mere thought of having to slave over a hot stove amongst the chaos of London life can feel overwhelming. So here are some simple and no-nonsense recipes for when you want something delicious to eat, but don’t quite have the time or energy to devote to an elaborate feast (and the Deliveroo app is broken).

For Hungry Little Ones

Kid-Friendly Chicken Curry

Kids love a mild curry, and this fruity one from the renowned children’s cookbook author, Annabel Karmel, is perfect for all the family and, thankfully, easy to make.

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For The Last Minute Lunch Guests

Chickpea and Rosemary Soup

A simple and filling soup that uses ingredients you’re likely to already have in the cupboard, perfect for any impromptu lunch guests. Add a handful of halved cherry tomatoes with the chickpeas for extra flavour. Serve with a big crusty loaf of warm bread. Perfect.

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To Impress The In-Laws

Burrata and Burnt Orange Salad

This Sabrina Ghayour salad, in all its glorious technicolour, is a show-stopper guaranteed to impress your guests, because your in-laws are two people you definitely need to get on your side. Use a really good buffalo mozzarella if burrata isn’t available.

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For A Stress-Free Dinner Party

Slow-Roasted Shoulder of Lamb

This may not be a quick recipe, but the prep takes mere moments and once it’s in the oven, it can be left there for hours until it’s ready for serving, leaving you to get on with the important matter of hosting.

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When You Feel Like Something Zingy

Vietnamese Poached Chicken Salad With Mint and Coriander

When you need something with a bit of zest, Rick Stein’s recipe for this Vietnamese dish is both healthy and delicious. Replace the chicken with tofu if you’d prefer something vegetarian.

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When You're Cooking For A Love Interest For The First Time

One-Pan Fabulous Fish

It is virtually impossible to mess this recipe up: there are only five ingredients and they’re all in one place. Even if you can’t cook, your boyfriend/girlfriend will think you can.

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One For The Carnivores

Steak Slices With Lemon and Thyme

Meat lovers rejoice at this Nigella recipe, which marinades the steak while it’s resting after cooking, rather than before, thus ensuring an especially tender rump that any cave man would be proud of.

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One For The Vegans

Homemade Baked Beans

Who doesn’t love beans on toast? They’re pure nostalgic, comfort food. Tinned baked beans are great to have on standby in the cupboard, but they are super simple to make yourself. We like to serve ours with plenty of spinach and a grated vegan cheese.

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When You've Got Man Flu

Chicken Soup

Boiling a whole chicken takes a bit of time, but when you’re ill, you’re not going anywhere in a hurry, are you? And once it’s done, there will be plenty to keep your body nourished and your soul soothed while you’re feeling wretched.

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When You Need Something Sweet

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chewy cookies are ready in minutes, for when you get those sugar cravings that you just can’t ignore, they guarantee to satisfy any impatient sweet tooth.

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