This Autumn we see ourselves wrapped up warm visiting street food markets perhaps with a little red nose as we enjoy the best comfort food London has to offer. Here we have rounded up 5 of London’s best hot dogs, from restaurants to markets. Don’t be shy, it’s bulking season after all.


Why wouldn’t you want Champagne and hotdogs?

When Bubbledogs first opened a line could regularly be seen snaking around Fitzrovia as Londoners queued to get some of the Champagne and hotdog action. Three years on and they are still as successful, they’ve got seventeen different sorts of dogs, the sausages are kept simple but they go to town on the toppings and the names – like the Breakie which is pretty much as the name says a full English on a hot dog.

Where: 70 Charlotte Street, W1T 4QG

Dirty Bones

Proper ‘screw the healthy eating’ Friday night food

Kensington’s Dirty Bones knows how to do proper American –style comfort food, filthy burgers, dirty fries and full on hot dogs. They’ve got four on the menu, all available in beef, vegetarian and pork, we can’t get enough off the Brit Dog with its treacle bacon, mature beer cheddar, curried gherkins, ketchup and English mustard.

Where: 20 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4EP, United Kingdom
Nearest station: High Street Kensington (0.2 miles)


Hot dogs with attitude and big toppings

Calling themselves ‘a cheeky bunch, that happen to sell sausages’ Pop-Dogs can be found in various pop-ups and street markets, you’ll currently find them at the Drive In Film Club in Alexandra Palace. Being a cheeky bunch they’ve got some rather eye-brow raising names for their dogs, imagine telling your friends you’re just biting into the camel toe, or you’ve just bought yourself a hairy angel…ahem.

Where: Various

Herman ze German

Good old German wurst

Their wurst is de best and as the name suggests it’s proper German sausage. They’re about to take part in London’s first Oktoberfest where we can imagine they’ll be selling a lot of the currywurst – yep that’s wurst and chips with a curry sauce.

Where: Various

Top Dog

Top hot dogs in Soho

Top Dog in Soho may have more American style hot dogs but all their meat is cured, smoked and hung in London. We’re loving the sound of the Sloppy – with homemade baked beans, cheddar, crispy shallots, chives and house sauce. If you’re on a free from diet then there are also vegan tofu dogs, gluten free rolls and the Lettuce dog, sees the roll replaces by leaves of romaine lettuce.

Where: 48 Frith Street, Soho W1D 4SF