Money; it’s the commodity we love to have, but not necessarily to talk about. But what happens when things start to get a little out of hand? Believe it or not, there are ways in which to get on top of your finances to stop it burning a hole in your pocket like it’s going out of fashion. So, if you’re one of those people that, come pay day, burns cash on 18 dresses, 20 events, 1 holiday and lives on £25 for the remaining three weeks…this one is for you!

Set Yourself Fun Limits

Ouch – this pretty much sounds like setting limits on the amount of fun you have. Fear not; really what we’re trying to say is don’t not have fun, but put a cap on the amount you’re spending when you do, everything in moderation ‘n all! Mary Beth Storjohann, finance expert and founder of Workable Wealth says: “The key to these things is to set a dollar limit for the expenditures for the month and when you’re out of money, you’re done,”. See you soon fancy cocktails and fine-dining…

Take Your Debt Into Your Own Hands

Falling into debt is very common, and it’s also a known fact that one of the biggest arguments in a relationship is about money. If you’re struggling with your own debt, try not to blame others, including your partner, to avoid friction. Try to think about tactical ways to rid yourself of it. If you’re really struggling with debt, it’s best to seek help immediately.

There's An App For That

There are some great apps out there to help you with money maintenance. Although it might make you cringe to see what you’re spending all your money on, it’s better to rip the bandaid off, as they say…

For when it comes to the dreaded spitting of the bill between a group, there’s Venmo or Circle Pay. Or, for keeping track of things there’s always Yolt, among many more. If Facebook’s more of your cup of tea, you can chat away to Cleo

Spending Mantra's

It’s so easy to buy tempting things that we don’t really need – that’s marketing for you! We’re designed to be lured in by pretty things and flashing lights. But ask yourself this, do you really need that (insert item here) more than that trip to Australia you’ve been planning? Whilst the item you want to purchase might only be a few quid, it all mounts up. Have a goal – be it a car, a present for a loved one or a trip away, and keep that in the back of your head next time you have an Eve moment.

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is renowned for his tips and tricks on money saving, and even has his own site, MoneySavingExpert, so you can get on top of your finances. A dap hand in the sector, Martin provides tips on super cheap flights, how to get your money back in all sorts of scenarios, and he puts a more interesting spin on the boring stuff such as broadband, loans eligibility, travel money tax and… sorry, I sense a yawn coming. Check him out!


Throw It Out

Getting rid of things you don’t need anymore is a great way of clawing back some extra cash. Websites like Mazuma Mobile for giving away an old mobile for example will help you to get a quote on how much you’ll get in return. Or, for books it’s We Buy Books, for example. There’s a website out there for selling everything, including eBay of course – the obvious, and apps too!